Sunday, April 6, 2014

Former Montreal cop sentenced to 8 years for selling secrets to Hells Angels

Global and CTV are both reporting that Benoit Roberge, an ex-Montreal police officer has been handed an eight-year prison term for selling sensitive information to the Hells Angels. No word on any charges against a second officer Roberge said worked with him or his claims that he was not going down alone which would imply the problem was bigger than just one person.

No word on why René Charlebois mysteriously committed suicide after escaping prison in Quebec. He was the Hells Angel that blew the whistle on Benoit Roberge. After his "suicide" several incriminating video tapes were found. At least Quebec is dealing with the problem with corruption investigations not like the EPS or us here in BC. Everything here is business as usual. No investigation means no corruption so they claim.


  1. I'm conflicted. On one hand I feel his betrayal as a corrupt cop and the damage his actions caused are worth more than 8 years, but on the other, there are offenders who do less than that for manslaughter, so........

    I'm sure he'll be a model inmate. He sure wasn't a model cop. Let him do his time in population instead of protective custody......

  2. Do not forget that the BC Premier signing a NON-Disclosure Contract with RCMP! Wise BCer's know that without BC Drug Trafficking, of BC BUD (with the RCMP assistance), would see the entire BC ECONOMY D E A D broke!!!

  3. PROJECT GLOBAL GUARDIAN ; Starts today, and guess where???

    ANOTHER LARGE statistic of CRIME not reported to PUBLIC by RCMP!!!


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