Saturday, April 19, 2014

White Boy Posse trial underway

The trial of White Boy posse member Randy O'Hagan in the Lorry Santos murder is underway. The court was told that it was not uncommon for members who left the gang to be killed because they would know too much about the organization. Such was the case in the Lorry Santos murder.

A member of the gang named Trevor Cromartie also referred to as TJ had left the gang and there was a hit put out on him by the gang. Sadly the shooters got the wrong house and murdered an innocent mother by mistake.

On day three of the trial testimony focused on the involvement of Randy O'Hagan with White Boys Posse member Josh Petrin. Josh was close friends with Sean Jackson aka Fat Mike. Josh got all the product from him. Sean was supplied by the Hells Angels. Josh has been charged with Mitchell Chambers and Brian Gowers murder.

Tyler Corbett is on the right in the top picture. Fat Mike is on the left. One has to wonder, if Randy and Kyle were ordered by the gang to kill Trevor Cromartie for leaving the gang, why aren't the people who ordered the murder on trial as well?



  2. That top picture isn't of Sean Jackson... its Tyler Corbett. Currently wanted by the EPS... Also, I'm kind of surprised you missed this one:

    Seems as though the EPS isn't turning a blind eye to the Edmonton Hells..
    Keep the posts coming!

  3. Evidently you're right about that being Tyler. I did see the other story when it came out. Cheers:

    1. Can you tell what happend to Fat Mike? Where is he now?

    2. I'm not sure off hand. That's a good question.

  4. Oops! must not have seen that post, I stand corrected!!

  5. No worries. They get lost in the archives. Thanks for the link and the correction about Tyler.


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