Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saskatoon Hells Angel stands trial for death threats

CBC is reporting that Saskatoon Hells Angel Jesse Bitz will stand trial in October for uttering threats. Bitz is accused of threatening to kill Leonard Banga, the owner of Xtreme Mining and Demolition. The pair had a dispute which led Banga to fire Bitz. That's when the alleged threats took place. Rather amusing how he hides his face after being accused of making death threats.

"Xtreme Mining and Demolition enacted a new hiring policy in the fall of 2013 to prevent individuals with a history of violence and/or involvement in organized crime from working in safety sensitive situations." Three of the Hells Angels fired after the policy change are now threatening legal action while the province of is considering following Manitoba's lead by declaring the Hells Angels a criminal organization. That would certainly make it easier for employers to clean up links to organized crime. Too bad they won't do that with the Longshoremen here.

January of last year four longshoremen were shot at a gathering after allegations of missing pension funds were made like in New York. That was a Jimmy Hoffa trick back in the day.

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  1. This individual was actually kicked out the club a fair amount of time previously. (

    This apparently, according to the media, took place when the mining company instituted the hiring practices change and laid everyone off and they had to reapply and undergo criminal record checks as well as list any criminal associations.

    In short, "brotherhood" was at the fore again when a member who was just behaving like the rest of them (attacking the mining boss) but this time someone actually had the courage to stand up to them and it cost 3 other members and who knows how many associates, their jobs.

    So, they kick this guy out and hope it will be enough to get their old jobs back. When the company owner does not fall for this trick, they threaten to sue him. (

    They "need" these jobs which apparently are in the 6 digit figures to help cover for their incomes from sell drugs and other illegal activities. If you are unemployed and travelling around the world to "World Runs" and visiting other charters to "party" and have a large house and multiple vehicles and can go out and dine at upscale restaurants and then hang out at clubs every evening being able to somehow afford to keep drinking all evening and purchasing more and more gold and diamond jewellery all the while not running into debt and paying cash for everything - where is this income coming from?

    With their covers eliminated they open themselves up to prosecution and investigation.

    With covers in place and by not being "too" greedy, they fly under the radar of prosecutable offences.

    Again, typical "brotherhood" - a "member" causes too much "hassle" and they kick him out.

    Paying court costs individually is not inexpensive - the club cover's members legal fees through various funds and special fund raising.

    I wonder if his wearing all back and white clothing is an indication of altered allegiance?

    I hope not. I hope he has just left the "life" behind and will made amends.


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