Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Canadian Gas Pump Scam

This one is astounding. It's a perfect example of the boiling frog syndrome. If you put a frog into hot water it will jump out but if you put it in warm water and gradually turn up the heat, it will stay there until it boils. That's why FBI Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds calls her blog the Boiling Frog Post.

Everyone complains about the price of gas. However, this new set of record jumps in price is yet another example of how the government has helped destroy a free market with a corporate monopoly. The oil companies can charge whatever they want whenever they want because there is no competition. They have a monopoly on the market that was created with tax dollars.

The Canadian Association of Energy and Pipeline Landowner Associations states: "Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain, like all pipelines in Canada, is a franchise monopoly. That means it is protected by government from competition. Which means it can do what monopolies always do: abuse customers by jacking prices and cutting service. In theory, government regulators are supposed to protect consumers from this sort of thing. But given the reality of regulator capture it doesn’t work that way in practice."

In 1911 the United States Supreme Court ruled that Rockefeller' Standard Oil was an illegal monopoly. Now the politicians who accept huge campaign contributions form the oil companies call monopolies good business. We have no anti trust laws any more. That is the problem right there and right now it is a bigger threat to our civil liberty than Russia.

On top of that, Stephen Harper sold Canada's oil rights to Communist China so every time we get gouged at the pumps we are funding the military expansion of a Communist dictatorship. China supports North Korea just like the Hells Angels support puppet clubs.


  1. This is criminal. I live in an oil town and the only gas station we have the price is $1.35L. I can see the oil wells from my house and from the gas station. There are about 4500ish oil wells within an hour's drive radius.

    1 oil hauler can haul upwards of 14 loads of crude oil a day at a capacity of 24,000L (summer) or 30,000L (winter) PER LOAD. 220L in a barrel (bbl).

    That's just 1 truck out of hundreds in the area. The truck might make between $60-$120 per load (then take away driver wage, fuel, repairs, parts, wear and tear, inspections, safety tickets, etc. The costs of running a fluid hauler keeps going up and then every couple years they get a new company in for cheaper, therefore stagnating the adjustment for inflation and marginalizing the profit for us.

    The Chinese have bought up most of the producers - facilities, equipment, oil wells and future drills.

    I'm pretty sick of the way things are going and it sickens me that we are giving away our natural resources for next to nothing then buying them back at an absurd price.

  2. Contrast that with Kuwait, where they refine the oil very close to where it comes out of the ground, and it costs about $9.00 to fill up Chevy Suburban. (32 or 38 gal. tank)

    1. Thank you for mentioning it being a bigger threat to civil liberty than Russia. ! Very important ... Washington and the bankers are also a bigger threat to civil liberty than Russia. I guess they work hand in hand with the oil people though. One and the same... have you been following the Cliven Bundy debacle ? ... I applaud the stand those people took. Some good old fashioned frontier justice won out over the "long arm of the law". Time for that to become more common. The will of the people.....

    2. I think that was me that said that not Trailrunner. Communist China is a bigger threat to our civil liberty than Russia but they don't seem too concerned about that either.

      I haven't been following the Bundy thing but it doesn't look that pivotal. Grazing rights on public land? Not really my concern. Expropriating land, that's my concern.

  3. But I thought the puppit club's supported the Hells Angels? So which one is it? Doesn't make much sense to me the Angels supporting the puppit club's but your the expert not me.


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