Sunday, April 13, 2014

Finian's Paradise

In contrast with Finian's Inferno let's take a peak at Finian's Paradise. Yesterday I climbed the Stairway to Heaven on Seymour. This is probably one of my favorite places in Vancouver. The last stretch on the way to First Peak. From the other direction it looks like sand dunes made of snow.

I made it up to Second peak

and stayed for the sunset.

Things are very hit and miss on the coastal mountains. I've been at First peak at times when there was zero visibiity and a cold blowing wind that made me bundle up and say this is as far as I'm going today. Other days when the visibility is good, the view is awesome.

Especially the city lights from the mountaintop at night. I remember seeing them for the first time from Hollyburn Ridge. It was breath taking. It was a clear night and the moon cast a shadow. Winds were relatively calm and the silence was humbling. This is my quiet place.

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