Thursday, August 15, 2019

SNC Lavalin Fraud has nothing to do with Justin Trudeau

The SNC Lavalin Fraud has nothing to do with Justin Trudeau. Andrew Scheer calling for a RCMP investigation into Justin Trudeau's support for SNC Lavalin is the fraud. The Conservatives would have done the exact same thing if not worse. The real SNC Lavalin Fraud is tied to the current BC NDP and every other political party that blindly endorses them.

We know that SNC Lavalin is a corrupt company. Yet they keep getting government contracts and giving kickbacks in the form of political contributions. SNC Lavalin getting the contract for the Evergreen Line in BC after they were banned from world projects was a criminal act.

The problem is that Justin Trudeau and every other political party including the BC Liberals and the BC NDP think that if they support SNC Lavalin they support jobs in Canada. Not so. If SNC Lavalin folds the sky will not fall. Another company in the private sector will get the contract and still employ Canadians to get the work done.

SNC Lavalin underbids and over charges government contracts just like Lockheed Martin. If other Canadian companies are allowed to bid on government contracts then it will save tax dollars and employees will get paid better because all the money won't be going to bribes and corrupt managers. Canadians are better off without SNC Lavalin.


  1. I recall SNC lavalin having contracts with the B.C. Lieberal government, but don't know which contracts SNC lavalin has signed with the NDP, if any. There have been reports that SNC Lavalin is out of the running for the new Puttullo bridge.

    I am aware execs. of SNC lavalin met with NDP Cabinet Ministers shortly after they were elected and Rich Colemant, but as to the signing of contracts, haven't heard which ones.

    1. The Tyee reported that John Horgan was fine with SNC Lavalin biding on the Pattullo Bridge contract in Surrey despite their criminal history. That means John Horgan is just as involved in the SNC Lavalin fraud as Justin Trudeau, the BC Liberals and the Federal Conservatives:

  2. After stopping here, I went to The Gazetteer, by RossK and he has a copy of Bob MacKin's twitter comment regarding SNC Lavalin, and why we need to care about what SNC Lavalin does in Canada. He then lists a number of "incidents" which ought to be of concern to us. Covers a "few things" in B.C., all the way to Quebec. Interesting quick read for those who might not think the SNC Lavalin things isn't a big thing, as "the Keefe" had suggested.


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