Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drug smuggler reported other operations to the DEA

Drug trafficker Colin Martin who's helicopter had been used by the Hells Angels to smuggle drugs, claimed to have the “ability to control 70 percent of the work that comes out of B.C. and what comes into B.C.”

He admits to reporting other cross border drug smugglers to American Drug Enforcement Agents. In exchange they let him keep operating for 10 years.

Among the helicopter pilots linked to Martin’s operations were Jeremy Snow. Jeremy Snow was from Kelowna and has been sentenced to nearly 40 years in a US prison.

Interesting to note that although many people have been caught smuggling drugs for the Hells Angels and have received long sentences in U.S. prisons, no charges against the Hells Angels arise so they just find another mule. You'd think that if someone was caught smuggling huge amounts of cocaine for the Hells Angels that the Hells Angels would be charged. Nope.

Perhaps the Bloc is right and the Hells Angels should be deemed a criminal org in the criminal code.


  1. haha ... Colin Martin was just busted with the coolest grow under his shop floor...3000 plants... really a legit guy hey...lol

  2. Ummm, I'm generally a fan of this blog, but the above is terribly inaccurate. Colin Martin did not admit to reporting anybody to the DEA or any other police agency. Read the Cold Eye on that. google Martin Cold Eye.

    Jeremy Snow was sentenced to 4 years. He's looking at a murder beef for a killing on Pleasant Valley road in Vernon when he gets back, and the shootup at Enterprise Rent a Car.

    Martin is mentally ill.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean. I Googled Martin Cold Eye and found an article entitled Murder by Proxy which cites the indictment as well as other claims and e-mail he produced to verify the story.

  4. I am the Cold Eye. The poster Tyler is quite correct. Martin was never a rat and from what I know of that scene, nobody seriously thinks he was.

    He was, and certainly is, mentally ill. That type of crime, amateur smuggling, is kind of like skydiving. If you aren't good at it, it is a very good idea to quit. If you're mentally ill, that logic doesn't get through to you.

    I see Jeremy Snow was murdered today. By someone who apparently didn't have a car.

    The Cold Eye is erased in preparation for going entirely political, with a bit about how we have turned Canadian sovereignty over to the US when it comes to our marijuana laws.

    You have some good insights Agent K. I don't really follow this scene, but I do find your information interesting.

    You look a lot like that actor who was the abolitionist in Lincoln.

  5. In that old article Colin admits to reporting other cross border drug smugglers to American Drug Enforcement Agents. In exchange they let him keep operating for 10 years. Call it what you will. Yes Tommy Lee also played a role in the movie Lincoln. He was against slavery as am I.

    1. I'm sorry, but he did not admit to reporting anyone. He was not allowed to operate for 10 years. He proposed such a deal in emails and if I recall, a telephone call, but it never happened.

      He had been told he would have a media friend for life if he could prove that US law enforcement allowed crimes to continue if the criminal was working for them as an informant or confidential source or whatever term they use. His potential media friend was a Fifth Estate researcher who probably worked on the Sam Brown Fifth Estate story or the one years ago called BC Bud, about the crack dealer informant who got paid about $700,000.

      While Martin was talking to the CBC about setting up the DEA agent, the RCMP were listening on his phone and tipped off the DEA agent that he was being set up. Pissed off, the DEA agent, one Casey Kanahoe, then put in an indictment that Martin had offered to be an informant.

      I called Kanahoe before the Cold Eye story and I asked how he could release information on an informant. He said "He wasn't an informant".

      Your story is factually wrong. It places Colin Martin's life in danger and endangers his family.

      I don't know what you mean by that "...old article", but he never admitted to any such thing in the Cold Eye article.

    2. I was referring to the Vancouver Province article I linked to in this post. It's expired now so I'll see if I can find another copy. No offense but even if he did rat out other drug smugglers like that article said, he would passionately deny it. Personally I think the guy is a lying piece of garbage and whatever comes out of his mouth can't be trusted. Police protect the identiry of their informants. If someone was an informant and someone else asked the police if they were an informant, the police would say no even if he was. Especaily as in this case it implicates them in turning a blind eye to unlawful activity in exchange for information.

  6. Google: vancouver province Drug trafficker Colin Martin

  7. Thanks. That's not the Province article that I was referring to but the court transcript is obviously where the paper got their info. (24) Colin claimed to control 70% of the business coming in and out of BC. "Offering to assist law enforcement. Martin explained he could identify other coconspirators and direct law enforcement to drug loads so long as he was allowed to continue his drug business for ten years and was assured law enforcement would arrest only other people."


    1. It isn't a court transcript. It is from the US indictment charging Martin, Doak, Serrano and Cameron in Blade Runner, I think it was.

      It doesn't say he was an informant. It says he offered to be one in exchange for a free ticket, or whatever you'd call it, for 10 years.

      I have the emails between him and the Fifth Estate guy discussing setting up this DEA agent. Well, Martin was discussing it, the Fifth Estate guy would have loved to have the story, but he wasn't going to be part of the setup.

      The Province story is patently false in terms of the wild claims about a death squad coming from the States with rocket launchers, etc. There have never been any court proceedings anywhere in which information is claimed to come from Martin, or anyone at all claiming that they have had problems with the law that originate with Colin Martin.

      His story has to be considered in the context of serious mental illness. I'm not sure what the polar opposite of criminal genius is, but Martin would personify it. Trying to set up a DEA agent on the phone and by email to the CBC while his communications were tapped is only the beginning. Martin seemed absolutely oblivious to the stupidity of the way in which he analyzed the risk/reward/consequences equation.

      However, he isn't the only mentally ill one, according to the RCMP. When the bit came out in the Province, after the CBC had broke the story about the fingering him as a wannabe informant, RCMP public relations guy Tim Shields described DEA agent Kanahoe's action of putting that information in the US indictment as "absolutely insane".

      That should be enough for Martin's extradition judge to rule that Kanahoe's action is so harmful to the administration of justice and the interest of law enforcement in Canada that the extradition should be denied. Don't bet on it. Our judges know that what America wants, America gets. And they give it to them, even though it may be absolutely insane to do so.

    2. I don't know anything about claims regarding a death squad. There was such a claim in a separate US indictment involving Randy and Trevor Jones out of Tbarz in Surrey.

      I don't know anything about a mental illness. Martin wasn't stupid he was shrewd. A dirty dog that benefitted from ratting competitors out in exchange for the DEA letting him do business. One person controlling 70% of the market means he was the biggest fish so to speak. That means he worked for you know who. I have linked to an indictment not a court order or transcript as you have pointed out. It is what it is. I'm certainly not going to argue about it. The facts speak for themselves. I have a ton of other stories to work on.


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