Sunday, June 6, 2010

Surrey Rally Against Injustice

There was a rally against injustice today at Surrey Central. It was in response to a recent court decision where a murderer was set free. The parents of the murder victim did not attend but friends and relatives did. One member from the support group they started called Families Against Crime and Trauma calmly and sincerely spoke to the media expressing her opinion and her feelings about how justice has failed in this case.

One little girl made her own sign and told the media how parts of us are gone now. Indeed she is right. When a murder is set free, we are all diminished.

4 Witnesses did not lie. Justice Failed Matthew.

Looks like Surrey has a new gang shirt:

Here are some more photos from the rally. The call has been made for a Judicial Review of this decision. Not just this decision but all the bad decisions coming out of BC courts lately. We need to turn the tide on the bad jurisprudence. That process begins here.

This is a copy of the Quin Verdict Review Petition.

The mother of the victim wrote a powerful book about her heart wrenching task of watching the video of her son's savage beating and murder which concluded the last six minutes of his life. Witnesses testified that they were screaming for the large male to stop beating the small boy. He felt his pulse said he's not dead yet, then walked away to meet his girlfriend Quinn. Video footage shows him return to the body and slit the boys throat ending his life. Witnesses testified they all heard Quin say to her boyfriend, if you love me, you'll kill him.


  1. a 17 year old girl was just released in kelowna on $2000 bail for slitting another 16 year old girls throat with an exacto knife... ??? what a joke

  2. Not quite...
    "After lengthy presentations on behalf of the crown and defence, the judge ruled that the accused should be granted bail with conditions including a $10,000 surety, no drugs or alcohol, 24 hour house-arrest and no access to social networking sites including Facebook."

  3. House arrest would be a good start. Banning a teenager from Facebook is a bit wishful thinking. If Clayton Roueche can post on Facebook from prison, likely a teenager on house arrest will. Yet letting someone out on bail who just committed murder is a perfect example of how deranged our judicial system is. Letting Katherine Quinn free is another.


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