Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bacchus and the Hells Angels

Looks like the Hells Angels are on a rebound back east after they folded from criminal organization legislation and drug charges in Halifax. Now they're using a few more new names. This time they've chose to name a support group after the patron saint of homosexuality.

Bacchus is a long time omg from New Brunswick with ties to the Hells Angels. Now that the police have cracked down on the Hells Angels in Eastern Canada Bacchus has started expanding into Nova Scotia.

Take a look at that logo. It looks like it's supposed to be some kind of spartan but it really looks like a cartoon spartan who has seen a ghost.

It looks like the eye has been poked out.

The nose looks like a ...

Ah dude, why did they have to go and put a condom on it's nose? Why they gotta be like that anyways?

Bragging about Hells Angels endorsement. Dean Flewelling‏ showing a support shirt for his kid. WTF? How can someone wear a cross and the number 666?

I've heard of gangs recruiting young offenders but this is ridiculous.

During a police raid in 2007, a member of the East End Vancouver chapter and the Bacchus Motorcycle Club of New Brunswick were also arrested. Both the East Vancouver Hells Angels and Bacchus club have traditionally had strong links with the ParaDice Riders, who folded into the Hells Angels in December 2000. Bloody hell do the East Van Hells Angels have their dirty little mitts everywhere?!

Oh Right, David Giles is from Halifax and is Facebook friends with the former Halifax president Mike McCrea who said he retired. Things that make ya go hmmmm. Mike was also the world Secretary Treasurer and webmaster. His brother Clay served six years in prison for drug charges as a Hells Angel member.

Michael Christiansen came out to the East Van chapter with David Giles and was reported to be a founding member of the Kelowna chapter. Michael Christiansen was charged in the famous Lennoxville massacure but was later acquitted.David (Wolf) Carrol went over the the Quebec Nomads and is still on the lamb.

On February 26 2010 James Russell Hall and his wife Ellen were murdered in their own home. It is sad to see murder continue to follow the Hells Angels wherever they go. James was a Bacchus member.


  1. these guys are a bunch of wash-ups, broke ass with no real connections, they hide out in thier dirty rape dungeon in woods doing lines and gossiping like a bunch of old farts,lol anyone with connections and money must avoid these guys or mabey just never heard of them

  2. um....really this is a total waste of my time, but I'll say it have your facts totally wrong...they are biased & your own opinion...There can always be one bad apple in the bunch...hmm...good example...the Catholic Church for one. Some of those ppl shouldn't be wearing a cross after doing some of the henious crimes. And the best you can do is pick on the look of their colors? And that young boy is not a recruit...he is wearing a SUPPORT shirt. It is a brotherhood...I'd trust either one of those bikers any day than a preist. Your just jealous. :D

  3. Jealous? Guess again. Who killed Rusty Hall? The Hells Angels are a criminal organization that sell crack and murder their own. There is no brotherhood there. Bacchus kissing their ass is pathetic. Their colours do look ridiculous. By the sounds of it, The Hells Angels don’t even trust Bacchus despite all their ass kissing. That’s why Leo Gallant is out there setting up the Anarchy bikers. Nothing excuses a Catholic priest who molests little boys. Nothing. However, selling crack and lying about people they murder is just as bad.

  4. I saw a few of these "Bikers" the other day, The only thing they should get an award for is the cheeseburgers they have ingested. These guys were about 350 at least. A bunch of fat fucking slobs trying to look hard. But down east that is what seems to be the thing. If you are fat, hairy, and drink a lot of beer somehow that means you can kick the shit out of everyone. My brotherhood would level these clowns cleanly and swiftly. GO ARMY...!!!

  5. Bacchus leader in SJ in jail now, group has left the city, long live 81


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