Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Malaysia bans the use of the word Allah by all non Muslims

This one’s kind of weird. The Vancouver Province and Time Magazine are reporting that a Malaysian appeals court upheld a government ban against the use of the word "Allah" to refer to God in non-Muslim faiths. That ban would be illegal in North America because it would violate the US Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Once again wee see the importance of the separation of Church and State. Once again we see an Islamic government doing weird things that violate civil liberty. The sad thing is, Stephan Harper just gave Malaysia our Natural gas rights. Not only are we funding the Military expansion of Communist China every time we fill up with gas at the pump, now we are funding the military expansion of an Islamic government that has no regard for civil liberty every time we heat our homes. Stephen Harper is insane. Fire him.

Harper is turning Canada back into a colony. Now we are a colony of China and a colony of Malaysia. Selling oil or gas to other countries is good business. Giving them the rights to our natural resources to gouge consumers at will is not. Can we see what’s happening here? First Harper helps the oil and gas companies eliminate the competition in a free market. Then he gives that monopoly to foreign state owned companies. So much for our free republic. .

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  1. Canada has never been a republic. That would be the USA.

    Canada is variously referred to as a Constitutional Monarchy (the Queen is actually still the head of state) a Parliamentary Democracy, and other such names. The word Federation is sometimes thrown in there, as in "The Articles of Confederation". Neat name there, "CON-Federation", LOL.... :D Have fun with that one.....

    The USA is a Constitutional Republic. It's not a Democracy as people often incorrectly state. Many "Progressives" would like it to be, strictly speaking a democracy means majority rule. So, if the majority votes for Jews to be taken to camps, it's legal, whereas in a Constitutional Republic or a Constitutional Democracy, the Constitution doesn't allow anything that violates the Constitution even if a majority vote for it.

    I don't know if the difference between the two terms is all that meaningful, these days we all know that the "democratically elected" governments on both sides of the border are busy and have been for decades eroding the rights and freedoms enshrined under The Constitution. That's how power of time gets stolen from We, The People.

    In the end people only have, and only keep, the rights they are willing to fight for. Not just to get them in the first place, but to keep them against the slow erosion of them by government, because as we know, Government always seeks to grow itself. It only gains more power over you by taking your freedom and public property. (land, hydro/resource rights, etc.)


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