Saturday, July 31, 2010

Former Hells Angel gets one day for selling crack

Joseph Calendino, 44, pleaded guilty in November to one count of trafficking crack cocaine. He was sentenced to one day in jail with one day credit for time served. He walked.

He sold crack to an undercover officer near Surrey Central SkyTrain station April 2008. Point granted it was a small amount, but crack dealers only carry small amounts with them at a time so they don't get jail time. They have runners going back and forth with more. The point is he was a member of the Hells Angels and he got caught selling crack at Surrey Central.

Kinda like what I've been saying all along. Only I've been saying I saw Hells Angels enforce for the crack dealers at Surrey central. I didn't actually see any Hells Angels selling the crack. Yet here we have a conviction.

I'm not even going to talk about the freaky letter a police officer wrote to the court in his defense. Much. He brags about being a former member of the Hells Angels and having been a drug addict and talks to kids in school about the dangers of gangs and drugs. It sounds nice but I sure wouldn't want him talking to my kids.

"I can't say that I remember much from that time in my life," he said, breaking down in sobs. "I was an addict." Calendino, who left court with a smile on his face, declined to comment on the sentence. Was he crying when he and his Hells Angel pal assaulted a guy in a Kelowna casino?

Isn't that pathetic. Just like the two other Hells Angels associates who cried in court when charged with selling date rape drug.

I believe there should be mandatory minimum sentences for selling crack even if a small quantity. Not for using crack but for selling crack. If this guy was sincere, he could have served three months in prison.


  1. This picture of Giles always freaks me out. It was one of the "go to" pics the news channels and papers always used for him. He is the scariest looking man I've ever seen.

  2. Wow, sell crack and go to jail for a day...but get credit for a day spent already in jail. Gosh, somebody get hold of Amnesty International because the human rights of this upstanding citizen were violated. WTF?

    I am slowly seeing the logic, skewed as it may be, behind the soft stance on crime. Since I'm dual citizen here and in the US, I see such a discrepancy between the two justice systems. I think that Canada is soft on crime because of the amount of money required to house prisoners, build more facilities and staff them. Taxes would most likely increase to pay for it all.


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