Monday, July 26, 2010

The Surrey Shadow Club Revisited

I already wrote a bit about the Surrey Shadow club after Kim Bolan reported on it. Yet it would appear the shadow club is bolder than ever with it's new huge sign and it's new spy camera. That sure looks like the same spy camera to Java's Palace in Langley.

The fact is the number of drug convictions against the Hells Angels is outrageous. The fact is the Hells Angels are aggressively creating puppet clubs all over the country that use and exploit the reputation of the Hells Angels like Brachus and the Zig Zag crew.

The Jesters and the Outcasts denied having anything to do with the Hells Angels even though evidence was found proving they did. The very location of the Surrey Shadow club is suspect and letting them thrive during a gang war is just plain wrong.

What's with that big ass faring anyways? What ever happened to riding against the wind? You might as well be riding a Goldwing or a car.


  1. You put up all these allegations about the shadow club selling drugs but where is your proof? You say the media told you, but if the media told you there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq again you'd believe that too wouldn't you. And just because they use the same building as the outcasts once did means nothing. I feel sorry for you, I guess you lost your mom to drugs and feel the need to have emotional outbursts like a 15 year old girl having her period. You really are making a difference in our society princess, keep it up! Im waiting on the day the prime minister gives you the tiara you've wanted for your hard research about nothing :)

  2. I said that the number of drug convictions against the Hells Angels is staggering and that the Hells Angels are actively creating puppet clubs all across the province and the country. That is a given. The bottom line is that the Hells Angels sell drugs. Yet they deny they do. The Hells Angels create puppet clubs that sell drugs or collect drug debts for them yet they adamantly deny they do.

    The Outcasts adamantly denied being affiliated with the Hells Angels yet we know they were. Not just from support gear a guy who answered the door was wearing but from papers found in the possession of Whiterock Hells Angel Villy Lynnerup. The Shadow club denies being affiliated with the Hells Angels yet they are right beside Gus’ Shop and they would not have permission to exist if they were not in some way affiliated with the Hells Angels.

    Iraq did not have WMD but the US did sell Iraq chemical weapons to use on Iran. The Hells Angels have been caught in some very large drug seizures. The latest gun and ammo seizure in Salmon Arm along with a cell phone jammer is proof they are a criminal organization.

  3. grow up and quit making assumptions based on no information ive been accused of being a puppet in a puppet club and that cant be farther from the truth you see bikes and patches leather and tattoos long hair and make assumptions and have no idea how much some of the bike community contributes to society personally i look after kids that none of you want to and also i house homeless adults refer people to treatment centers and look after societies most forgotten and sick people and yes i ride a harley and have tattoos and long hair and were a patch and i personally know some members of this shadow club who do the same as myself so mabe you should get your facts straight before you judge people

  4. I’m saying the Hells Angels sell crack. Famous Amos from the Zig Zag crew was caught on video cutting crack for the Hells Angels. The Zig Zag crew paid the Hells Angels protection money so they could sell crack. I’m saying the Hells Angels control the drug trade in East Vancouver where First Nation’s women have been pushed out of hotel windows for drug debts. I’m saying the Hells Angels control the drug trade in Prince George through the Renegades who recently had finger puppets charged with a gang rape in their clubhouse. In Prince George fingers get cut off for drug debts and they murdered someone’s girlfriends’ mother. Don’t tell me there is anything good from the Shadow club and their association with the Hells Angels. I do not believe it.

  5. Dude you are a moron and sadly miss informed. My father is part of the Shadow club and they do great things for the community and the people who are less fortunate. It's funny how you profile them as being this bad biker gang that is associated with the Hells Angels, just because the media has made these false allegations doesn't mean it's true. They are a great bunch of guys and if you actually met you would say the same thing. I guess all you do is talk out your ass and nothing better to do other than talk shit about great people, you must be a lonely dumbass guy that needs to get a life! Your just jealous that you don't have a bike to be joined in such a awesome biker family. Instead you bash them from your living room because you have no friends you fucking loser.

  6. I have a bike and I mot certainly wouldn’t join them or any other crack dealing pimps affiliated with the Hells Angels. It’s not about what I read in the media. That only confirms what I saw with my own eyes. I rather be a bitter old man that opposes lying crack dealers than an ass kissing wanabe bitch.

  7. I have hung out with these guys a couple times. I even asked them if they knew where people get crack around Surrey and they said they weren't into "that shit". Sure we can smoke a joint together but that doesn't mean some loser on the internet is right about them by making assumptions.

    Here's a tip: stop being an internet sleuth and GET OUT THERE yourself and meet these "crack dealers" to see for yourself what a fool you are.

  8. My concern is that I have seen Hells Angels associates using the name of the Hells Angels to enforce for the crack dealers at Surrey Central. I saw it myself. My concern is the shadow club is right next door to Gus who is a member of the Hells Angels. My concern is their clubhouse is in the exact same location as that other puppet club was. Having said that, this is an old post and I'm starting to soften towards them. I've seen them around. Old guys with a nice patch that don't seem to bother anyone. I like their patch. It's way better than the Jesters or Bacchus. It isn't even a three piece patch but I like the logo. I've driven by a couple times when an old guy had a kid inside. Looks like they're really trying to work on their image. Having said that, since everything with those guys is on a need to know basis, they wouldn't admit to anything to anyone they didn't fully trust. That would mean more than hanging out with them a few times. Police agents could do that much. I am a bit concerned about the corner store next door. I'm not sure what they're selling out of there.

  9. I bet you ride with Sikh Motor cycle club YOU ARE A EAST INDIAN its so painfully obvious you don't say anything at all about all you slanging shit in Surrey or all you dot heads that bring shit over the border every week in the semis that you drive. Your whole mission is to bring heat to H.A because they control Whalley and every dot head and his momma want to control Whalley but cant so you have to drive around doing dial-a-dope and running away from the white guys that are always blasting at you B.O and curry smelling bitches.

    1. BTW the red dots are for the girls. You’re just afraid you’ll be getting a red dot from a laser sight. What’s the matter you don’t like a little Bhangra? You really gotta get out more. Even the Caribbean brothers like a little curry mutton with some rice and peas. You should try some at Nigel’s. BTW I’m Irish. I always support the underdog. Better than supporting that new Surrey Girl Chapter that broke off of Whiterock.

  10. Well that was somewhat racist. Nice to see you finally admit that the Hells Angles control the drug trade in Whalley and are the ones ultimately responsible for Janice Shore’s murder. Nice to see you come out of the closet and finally be honest with your true feelings about the Indo Canadian community that the Hells Angels have been using through Larry Amero and his dead friend Randy Naicker. Oh and by the way, I’m not Indo Canadian but your disgusting attitude is exactly why I focus on the Hells Angels. They are the dirtiest plague to ever hit this country.


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