Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tiny Mac's Fetish

Well it seems as though Tiny Mac has a fetish for young boys too just like Sean Wolf and Dale Donovan.

I'm not saying he leans both ways. Much. I just think it's kidna weird cause he sure isn't the boy scout leader type being a founding member of the Winnipeg Hells Angels tied to the zig zag crew who were caught on video cutting crack cocaine.

That ugly fish covering his deadhead tattoos sure seems fake cause he still sports support your red and white Winnipeg wallpaper on his myspace.

Still showing off support for the Zig Zag crew too.

Which leaves one to speculate about the guns and bandannas. I just think recruiting young boys to use and sell drugs then getting them to cut of someone’s finger for a $170.00 drug debt is criminal.

Yet it's hard to conceive this guy is a hardened criminal. Especially in that G-Unit gear. In these two photos he just looks like an idiot.


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