Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remembering Chris Mohan

Ed Schellenberg and Chris Mohan were innocent victims killed in the crossfire of a gang execution known as the Surrey Six. It wasn't just a matter of being hit by a stray bullet. They stumbled into the scene and were executed as potential witnesses.

It was a shock to the community because of the heartless brutality showed to innocent bystanders. Some had said they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time but Steve Brown, Ed Schellenberg's brother in law said that was not true. They were where they were supposed to be.

Chris was at home. His home. He stepped out of his hallway to leave for a basketball game and he was shot dead. Ed was at work. He was installing gas fireplaces and was installing a fireplace at the home of the gang members who were being executed. Ed had no idea he was installing a fireplace for gang members and Chris had no idea he was living next to gang members.

As a result, Chris' mother, Eileen Mohan, made a public appeal for a website to identify known gang members so the public would know what dangers to avoid. I was at a memorial service at Beer Creek park where they released doves in their loved one's memory and she spoke publicly about her idea. Eileen was asking the police to make a gang web site. The Abbotsford police have recently said they plan to but we haven't seen it happen yet. I think most forces are worried about testing the legality of such a web site. When I heard Eileen speak I thought to myself, I could do that. She is the reason I made this web site and blog.

I didn't want to pretend to be connected to the family in any way and exploit their loss but things have quietened down about the shocking murder and I just want us to remember it. No doubt it will return to the public eye when the case comes to trial. Kim Bolan has done some pretty impressive coverage of the sad event. She was the one that named the Red Scorpions and did an inside interview with Anton Hooites-Meursing who had an epiphany in Rio and turned himself in to the police agreeing to testify against his co accused.

I was always of the thought that if it was Red Scorpions who were murdered in the hit like Kim claimed, that it was someone else who murdered them. Jamie Bacon has been charged in the murder as a result of Person X's testimony. It's hard for me to conceive of the thought that Jamie could be guilty and his other two brothers were not involved. It's a shame everyone involved can't be tried. The theory is that the Bacon brothers killed the old leadership of the Red Scorpions in a bid to take over the gang.

At the time the Red Scorpions were affiliated with the UN. After the murder, everything changed. The Red Scorpions under the Bacon Brother leadership became enemies of the UN and became affiliated with the Independent Soldiers and the Hells Angels.

One has to wonder why charges have never been laid in the second most brutal gang execution in Surrey where a mother was gunned down in her car with her young son in the back seat. She was affiliated with the UN and the Red Scorpion who owned the suite that was attacked in the Surrey Six and later gunned down in the Guildford parking lot.

After listening to Eileen speak about the loss of her son, it was clear she was deeply grieved. Chris was a really good kid. On May 31 2008 Chris' family held a Memorial Mass for him on what would have been his birthday at the grave site in which many MP's attended.

February 3rd 2008 was the Public Safety Rally at Bear Creek Park in Surrey. February 22 2009 Eileen Mohan and Steve Brown both spoke at the Rally Against Gang violence along side the Surrey Mayor and various other political leaders. Right after that rally Stephen Harper used Eileen as a human shield to introduce anti gang legislation. We are still waiting to see if Harper will take the amendment to get the bill passed.

Both families have launched an annual golf tournament in their loved one's memory and in 2009 Eileen Mohan was named Leader of the Year in Surrey.


  1. These are the victims we need to keep front and centre. The innocent bystanders like Chris, Ed and, I suspect, Aaron Derbyshire in Kelowna. I get so sick of hearing the old "I don't bother them, they don't bother me" excuses from gang apologists and groupies.

  2. Indeed, a lot of innocent people have been effected by the gangs and it does effect all of us. Apathy killed that cat.

  3. Do you think you have the support of the law enforcement community (as individuals if not as organizations) for your website and blog?

  4. I doubt it. Even if some of them approved of it as individuals they’d never be able to say that since a lot of my stuff is so radical. I’m sure many of them are also frustrated with the revolving door judicial system but a lot of people out there are very much against criticizing judges at all.

    They somehow see it as a threat to democracy. They see criticizing judges as giving up on law and order and the democratic system. Personally, I see it as the opposite. Bad judges are a threat to democracy. Public accountability is not.

  5. Agent K - your blog has taught me alot and with the reason you run it, this has given me the up most respect for you, Keep up the great work. I started a Queen City Crime blog, because I was so inspired with what you do. Mine will only focus on what is happening in Regina leaning towards gang and drug type crimes.

  6. Good show, what's the link? I'm assuming Queen city is a name for Regina.

  7. yes Queen City is the nickname for Regina, as it was named after the Queen, my god that poor woman if she knew the truth to this city!

    my blog is still very fresh and I have not put up what I want to yet, plus I am still learning through trial and error:) but here it is -

  8. Eileen Mohan is one of my few heroes. I have so much respect for her. She is so loved in Greater Van. Ed looks just like my step-dad. When I first saw his photo following his murder, I did a double take and experienced a flash of panic for a moment before realizing it wasn't my step-dad.

    There is a video on youtube called "The Take Down of Jamie Bacon", which is written by a Vancouver musician. The song is not shlockey shmaltz that usually ends up in these types of songs; It is actually really, really good. You should look it up, I think you might like it. Thank you again for everything you do with your site and blog...the public needs to know and has a right to know about these people.

  9. Wow, that is a great song indeed. I posted the Surrey Gang Violence one to James Blunt’s No Bravery. Yes Eileen is wonderful. Chris and Ed were great people. My fear, my concern, my burden is still the same. How can Jamie Bacon be guilty in plotting the murder of the Surrey Six and his older brothers not be involved? Why did they kill the old Red Scorpion leadership who were affiliated with the UN and had beef with the Haney Hells Angels? Who asked them to do it for them then betrayed them after they did it? The killing won’t stop until they convict the people hiring the murders to commit murder.

  10. Kemi Omolulu Olunloyo is the woman who told them where to go. she is a vile woman

  11. I could not agree with you more that the people ordering the hits need to be brought to justice as well as those doing the hands on work. Send me an email sometime and I will send you a copy of my book Treacherous - How the RCMP alowed a Hells Angel to kill.

  12. You wrote that book? Well done. My e-mail is on my blogger profile. Cheers.


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