Monday, July 19, 2010

The French word for Dweeb

I am told that Tannant is the French word for Dweeb. I'm not very good with French myself but I do respect the French's passion for life. Tell me, since the Hells Angels are considered a criminal organization in Quebec and many of them not in prison are hiding on the lamb, would this picture not demonstrate a criminal association of sorts:

We all know that 81 is a reference to the Hells Angels. It is used in the Anarchy Bikers Charter. "support patches! we only support the 81. a supprt patch must be given to you by an 81 member or by one of your officers!" Since the Hells Angels are a criminal organization in Quebec, and since the Anarchy Bikers clearly demonstrate a support for and a charter affiliation with that criminal organization, Does that not mean their ASSets can also be seized under the criminal organization legislation? Please advise.

In fact, if there ever was a court application concerning copyright on any of these images could not a counter application then be filed entering the images and charter as evidence in a court of law proving their association with a criminal organization so their Assets could be seized? Indeed a counter claim has the same merit as an application. Don't ya just love a society that has laws to govern it?

"Code of ethics Anarchy?" Now that is an oxymoron! "All officers are responcible to make sure all members follow the rules." Rules? What rules? "Code of conduct for members?" What code of conduct? "Mandatory?" "ZERO TOLERENCE?" Who is gonna enforce the rules with zero tolerance if "The 'A' on fire represents a social state in which there is no governing person or group of people, but each individual has absolute liberty (without the implication of disorder)."

How can you not have the implication of disorder without a government, rules or laws? Oh you mean your laws not their laws. What then makes you different from them? Rules are rules and anarchy says no rules so in your society, where is your copyright protection?

At least your English is better than my French but it still needs help. So if Tannant is French for Dweeb, then Anarchy Bikers is clearly an oxymoron. Would that not then make it's few members morons? Please advise.

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