Thursday, July 15, 2010

Did Brittney Irving deserve to die?

Well things have got quiet all of a sudden. What's the matter - didn't the public realize the similarities between Jody Elliott's murder in Kelowna and Percy Soluk's murder in Surrey? Does the graphic details of those murders surprise you? Does the involvement of the Hells Angels surprise you? It certainly does open Pandora's box. If the Hells Angels are responsible for one gory murder, or more, how many more unsolved murders are they responsible for?

Indeed, a pattern has been established. The pattern I see is that someone claims someone found dead or missing somehow deserved to die. That is absurd and offensive. Let's take Percy's murder for example. "They" claimed he was robbing grow ops and deserved to die. That statement leaves us with two more questions - was he really robbing grow ops and did he really deserve to die, in that manner.

Juel Stanton is an East Vancouver Hells Angel accused of robbing grow ops in Surrey and taking them over for the Hells Angels. Stanton and two others were also accused of beating a man who was accused of robbing a grow op. Stranton was found not guilty but his co accused was found guilty of assault and theft. Wait a minute... they accused the guy of ripping them off and they get charged with theft. Kind of like East Vancouver/ Kelowna Hells Angel Robert Thomas. He has a long rap sheet of theft and B&E. He's the two bit thief. Does he deserve to die?

Reports have come in that Brittney sold pot not crack or meth. I still say there is a profound difference between selling pot and selling crack or meth. And when someone says they caught someone ripping off a Hells Angels grow op, I cry Bullsh*t.

In this case they aren't claiming Brittney ripped off the pot they claim Joey ripped off a huge shipment of pot AND killed her. Yet him acting alone fails the test of believability.

Joey has been a Hells Angels associate for years. We was walking around town without a care in the world after Brittney was found murdered. If he stole a large shipment of pot from the Hells Angels, where would he sell it and would he not be concerned about his safety? Killing someone who sold pot for the Hells Angels is a dangerous thing to do. Killing someone who owed money to the Hells Angels is not.

Did a crack addict deserve to have his fingers cut off for a $170.00 drug debt to the Hells Angels?

Which brings us to Geoff Meisner. Did Geoff deserve to die? It has been claimed that Geoff's wife Tammy knew Brittney. Someone claimed he stole a large shipment of pot from the Hells Angels and that's why he is missing. That doesn't make sense. Why would he steal a large shipment of pot from the Hells Angels? How would he sell it? How would he get away with it? Wouldn't he be worried about his wife and kids? The pattern of deception is someone goes missing or ends up dead and someone else claims they somehow deserved it.

Did the women murdered on the Pickton farm deserve it because they were crack hos? Who turned them into addicts and profited from the sale of drugs they used? We can rationalize anything if we really want to. Gang raping and mutilating crack hos is not tough or hard core. It is deranged.

What did Eric Sandberg mean when he said "They" were ready to wipe out all the competition in Surrey? Like I said, I think the Hells Angels have been directly involved in the Vancouver gang war all along and I find it obscenely offensive to hear a police officer not to mention a member of the HIT claim that things were fine until we started to crack down on the Hells Angels. That's when all the smaller gangs got violent.

No, that's when the Hells Angels got violent taking over all the smaller gangs. The pattern has been revealed.

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