Thursday, February 1, 2024

Portland declares 90-day state of emergency

The BBC is reporting that "A 90-day state of emergency has been declared by officials in Portland as part of an effort to tackle the use of fentanyl in Oregon's largest city. A synthetic painkiller 50 times more powerful than heroin, fentanyl has been blamed for a rise in US drug deaths."

"In Oregon, the rise coincided with a move to decriminalise the use of most drugs, including fentanyl. But on Tuesday, senior state and city officials said Portland was being damaged by open use of the drug. The city has been struggling from homelessness and drug use in recent years, causing several major businesses and some residents to move out of the city. According to Multnomah County - where Portland is located - the number of overdose deaths involving fentanyl increased by 533% between 2018 and 2022."

"Governor Tina Kotek, announcing the state of emergency, conceded that the city was suffering economic and reputational harm from the ongoing fentanyl problem. 'Our country and our state have never seen a drug this deadly addictive, and all are grappling with how to respond,' she said in a statement." Fentanyl is a deadly poison. You don't solve the problem by prompting it's use. You solve the problem by encouraging treatment. Drug addiction is a disease. That's why you treat the disease instead if encouraging it's spread.

Wherever you let harmful drugs be sold and used in public violent crime increases exponentially. Businesses leave because they can't afford to run a business there and you're forced to raise taxes which causes more businesses to leave and you are left with less tax revenue than before you raised taxes. Portland is a Liberal sh*t hole. That's why have the State wants to leave and join Idaho. One of the Four Pillars is prevention. That means you tell kids the truth. Harmful drugs are bad for you. You discourage their use you don't promote it's use. There's no such thing as a safe injection site. There is no safe way to inject poison into your body.

Oregon proposes recriminalising drugs amid addiction crisis

"Drug possession is set to be a crime again in Oregon as Democrat lawmakers move to tackle a raft of problems linked to addiction. Under House Bill 4002, possession of a small amount of drugs, including fentanyl and cocaine, will be recriminalised,. Controversially, however, the Bill will also bolster the State’s ‘harm reduction’ policy. Since Oregon decriminalised the possession of hard drugs in 2020, opioid deaths have trebled, homelessness has risen by more than 20 per cent, and its largest City, Portland, has reported an upsurge in both petty and violent crime."

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  1. And Portland is asking for a MLB expansion team, now? No wonder we witness first hand on really, where your hard earned tax money goes to...


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