Saturday, February 3, 2024

Glenn Beck: the War on Farming


  1. millions of dollars have been spent in the U.S.A. by billionaires, corporations to purchase farm land. Even though the amoutn of money is large, the amount of land actually isn't that big. It was reported if Gate's land in Nebraska was gathered together it would only amount of 25% of Rode Island. But then, a few hundred million there and a few hundred million there over time, you've got way more land. Perhaps its best if some one keeps an eye on things. Its not like food is getting any less expensive
    Saudi Arabia has land in the U.S.A. and used it to grow high water feed for their cattle The state took back their water license because they were taking more than they were supposed to
    Agri business has been growing in the U.S.A. for decades and as a result many small farmers and ranchers are forced out of business. What is interesting in all of this is the American government spends a lot of money on agricultural subsidies. they were orginally meant to assist farmers but now the money goes to huge corporations.

  2. These people are not buying farm and ranch land to use it. They are buying it to take it off the market and out of the pool of available land that can be used for production.

    If a person did not know anything about gardening, "soonish" might be the time to buy a book or two and start doing hobby stuff in whatever space they have available just for learning/hands on. "Potato's".


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