Saturday, February 3, 2024

NATO puts Sky ECC on Trial in Belgium

Politico is reporting that "Belgian investigators take on cartels in cases hinging on hacked criminals’ chat logs. Three hearings per week will take place in former NATO headquarters premises, which have been turned into the brand new Justitia courtroom to host big trials like those related to the Brussels terror attacks. Belgian judges in the Sky ECC trial are expected to deliver a ruling by next spring." This is shady sh*t.

"On the one hand, investigators expect a major triumph of the state-of-the-art investigative methods used to crack Sky ECC and EncroChat and bust the drug gangs terrorizing the Continent. On the other, defense lawyers are expected to challenge the police hacks, arguing the data underpinning the cases was obtained illegally."

I'm all for law enforcement but when we see NATO and the WEF sharing a bed together that concerns me. They made all sorts of crazy allegations about Iraq's WMD and we later found out they simply lied. If they lied then, how do we know they're not lying now? Warrantless surveillance is a concern but I'm more concerned with them making sh*t up because that is their MO.

They totally lied about the Taliban and they are complaining about the Taliban bringing a stop to opium production in Afghanistan, that should tell you something. Gary Webb, Iran Contra, Fast and Furious - it just never ends. The road to slavery is paved with lies. NATO, the UN and another World Court in Brussels. How is that not a recipe for disaster? That's kind of like a black prison site. There's no Constitution guaranteeing due process. So tell me this. If Apple sells someone a cell phone and someone plans a crime with that phone is Apple responsible for that crime?

Sky News is reported "They eventually discovered that EncroChat was operating from servers based in France and were eventually able "to put a technical device in place" which allowed them to access the encrypted messages sent over the company's network. Although it isn't clear what this device was, it suggests the investigators were able to deploy some form of technical implant on the network rather than break the encryption protecting the messages in transit."


  1. It was a keystroke logger, getting everything entered right off the keyboard before it was ever encrypted by the machine. This and much more documented in the book:

    "Tracers in the Dark: The Global Hunt for the Crime Lords of Cryptocurrency - Andy Greenberg (2022)"

  2. May ask, which component of the system were you implying a keylogger was installed? Because devices that have been setup on blackberry UEM cannot have anything installed on them without the permission of the IT policy manager. As far as destroying their own company by doing that. It makes no sense whatsoever. What really transpired is the Europol et al. Setup a fake serverunder the name of SKYECC. They then sold compromised devices to unwitting clients. The entire system was setup different and routed all the messages to their own servers. The information they obtained from it was used to arrest many in europe. Furthermore they linked the sources from south america, central america and everywhere else to these crimes. Afterwards they tied these links to australians, canadians, americans and booked everyone. They basically claimed they hacked skyecc but they didnt. They cloned it. They violated all the rights of persons arrested thru entrapment. Simultaneously they setup the Canadian company owner in a wiretapped sale of devices. This was so that they can bust it and take it down all at once to make it look believable. People arrested of crimes need to get their documents unsealed. They may discover that the authorities claims there was a snitch. When in fact it was actually illegal wiretap data that originated from information derived from the fake skyecc

    1. That's a very good point. Kind of makes you wonder about Phantom Security as well. Why would the tech from Phantom security start a new one right after the CEO of the old one went to jail? It would make sense if he was working with the FBI. The FBI threatening to arrest him after they ran the scam might have been their way of legally using illegal wire taps like they did with Phantom. They set up the new system and were monitoring everyone. They can't do anything with that information until they arrest the CEO and claim he started working for them after he was arrested. It's all shady.


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