Sunday, February 25, 2024

Puberty blockers in cereal, vaccines in lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco

SHTF TV is reporting that "Four out of five Americans are being exposed to a little-known chemical found in popular oat-based foods — including Cheerios and Quaker Oats — that is linked to reduced fertility, altered fetal growth and delayed puberty." Dan Dicks picked up on it.

Puberty blockers in kid's cereal. Now that's GMO but it doesn't end there. This recent legislative session talks about Rna vaccines in Lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco. We all know how the WEF is obsessed with getting their genetic mutations into every nonbeliever.

Newsweek is reporting that "Tennessee state lawmaker said during a recent legislative session that various companies and medical entities are capable of injecting vaccines into lettuce, tomatoes and tobacco." Here we go. They're already doing it. Cepicky said that the University of California, Riverside, has perfected vaccinating lettuce, adding that the University of California, Berkeley, has conducted similar tests on tomatoes and that the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has mimicked that with tobacco products."

"Republican state Representative Scott Cepicky said during a House Health Committee hearing on Wednesday that the public should be wary about vaccines being intentionally put into foods commonly found at grocery stores, much to the chagrin of Democratic chairman John Ray Clemmons. Clemmons asked Cepicky if it is legal, to which Cepicky replied, "I'm not arguing that point"—adding that no current law exists deeming that a head of lettuce at a grocery store includes vaccines. He said such vaccinated plants should be listed as pharmaceuticals so people can get the proper dosage." They are doing it because it's not regulated yet.

We know that Bill Gates and Benjamin Netanyahu were caught spiking tetanus vaccines with fertility blockers. Now they're putting it right in the food. The thing is, are they injecting vaccines into food or viruses? No doubt all these biolabs around the world are studying how to do both.


  1. Puberty blockers are the solution to making pedophilia legal for the cabal. They have been talking of it for decades in various writings.

    1. I'm not sure I understand the connection. I think puberty blockers are like fertility blockers. They help reduce population growth. They do want to legalize pedophilia but I think that's a separate issue.

    2. Puberty blockers postpone puberty.
      So the kid has the physical attributes of a child while being much older. Think age of consent.

      They use them on transgendered kids with the argument that if they delay puberty they have more time to figure out their identity issues.
      If one reads between the lines another agenda is also at play.

    3. Someone asked about seeing the writings. I deleted the comment by accident. Blaze is spamming me with a Justin Trudeau love fest again.

    4. I don't think they use them on transgender kids to give them time to make a decision. I think they use them to make a chemical transition easier.


    6. "puberty blockers are also used for transgender children to delay the development of unwanted sex characteristics, so as to allow transgender youth more time to explore their gender identity."

      It says that but I don't believe that. Here as soon as a kid expresses the slightest inclination to transition they jump on it and push it. "Reasonably safe?" Kind of like Covid Rna. Puberty blockers also block the natural development of the brain which as another poster said affects informed consent.

    7. They give kids puberty blockers to stop the production of the unwanted hormone while they give manual doses of the wanted hormone. "Most youth who start puberty blockers progress to gender-affirming hormones."

      If you're a boy they give you puberty blockers to stop the production of testosterone, then they give manual doses of estrogen. If you're a girl, they give them puberty blockers to stop the production of estrogen then give manual doses of testosterone.

      I thought they said taking steroids was bad for you. I guess it's OK if you're a kid.

    8. The cabal is wanting to slow or postpone puberty in children to get their kicks, while simultaneously arguing little johnny is documented as age of consent with respect to his birthdate.
      It's literally Frankenstein shit.
      Now the next move that comes is creating an environment where they administer these blockers to ALL children as a means to giving them "more time" to figure out who they are.
      This is why they are pushing this agenda so incredibly hard.
      Like the frog in warm water they convince us this is medically needed for some situations and soon enough all will be subjected to it.
      These people are evil beyond what most can even imagine.
      We are nothing more than cattle to them who need to be managed and experimented on by them.
      I digress.

  2. Shocked, but not surprised. I wonder what the world will be like in ten years? And if President Trump will put a ban on it.

  3. Sidenote as we're talking government paid for medical remedies.
    Been to 6 seperate rec centre pools in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island and the hot tubs are no longer hot. Some are barely luke warm now.
    I have zero proof other than this fact I have prsented here, but I suspect there is a correlation to these jabs.

  4. Temperature adjusted to the lowest common denominator? Hot tubs have to be hot to to work, there's a theme of old things you used to be able to count on not working anymore, so there's that. Entropy, all circling the drain.

  5. Entropy lol, maybe one or two!
    Died suddenly maybe one or two!


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