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Tyrel Nguyen received 4 concurrent life sentence

Tyrel Quesnelle, a high profile member of the Brother's Keepers was convicted of the first-degree murder of Jagvir Singh Malhi on November 12, 2018; the first-degree murder of Randeep Kang on October 27, 2017; the attempted murder of Gary Kang on October 27, 2017; and is the attempted murder of Camilo Alonso on October 27, 2017." The judgement is now posted online.

Jagvir Singh Malhi was a tragic mistake. He killed the wrong guy by accident. Randy and Gary Kang were leaders in the Red Scorpions and Camilo Alonso was their friend. People describe this as a beef between the Brothers Keepers and the Red Scorpions but it isn't that simple. Tyrel was photographed at Ali's funeral with the Dhaliwal brothers Harpreet, Meninder and Barinder aka Shrek. Shrek was a long time associate of Jamie Bacon.

There's a whole lot of bullsh*t going on here that we need to talk about. First of all these guys are members of the Brother's Keepers who sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels.

Tyrell was busted in Edmonton. They're attending the funeral of Suminder Grewal aka Ali who was a member of the newly formed Hardside chapter of the Hells Angels. Ali was the local link between the Hells Angels and the Brother's Keepers. The Brother's Keepers respected him and naturally attended his funeral but they work for the Edmonton Hells Angels and the Edmonton Hells Angels are the one that killed him. It's very problematic so it is.

As I said, Shrek was a long time associate of Jamie Bacon so the BK beef wasn't with the Red Scorpions collectively it was with the Kang faction specifically. Why is that? Wait 'till I tell ye.

The Red Scorpions originally worked for the UN. After the Surrey Six they started working for the Hells Angels so Jamie Bacon was a Hells Angels associate. Well he paid tax to them. Only Jamie Bacon was a b*tch. He couldn't go to the gym without a body guard and had a history of betraying his past body guards. The Hells Angels saw the rising Kang faction as a threat to their control and their tax. They were most certainly not threatened by Jamie Bacon.

That's why they kept Jamie Bacon in place and started capping other leaders. So when Jamie Bacon flipped and claimed the club was stealing from him he was delusional. The club taxed him and if it wasn't for the club he wouldn't have been making anything.

This is all a sad saga of greed and betrayal. That's all this is. Mind how ya go.
OK so let's look at the names in the top graphic. These were all members of the Red Scorpions. Jamie Bacon worked with Lolo Lanski and Kyle Latimer. In fact Lolo Lanski was Jamie Bacon's right hand man. However, Gary Kang also worked with Lolo Lanski and Kyle Latimer. They were all members of the same drug trafficking organization. Despite the fact that the Brothers Keepers killed Gary Kang and liked Jamie Bacon, I don't see Gary Kang as a Jamie Bacon rival like Cory Lal was. Jamie Bacon was a b*tch who begrudgingly paid tax to the Hells Angels.

I think Jamie Bacon saw Gary Kang as a way out from the HA tax. The club saw that and snipped it in the bud. There are two more points here. One is obvious the other is not. Not long after the audio of Jamie Bacon cooperating with the police was made public, Jamie Bacon's right hand man, Lolo Lanski was arrested for a murder in Kamloops. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. It clearly looks like Jamie Bacon ratted him out. Now let's look at the spin.

In the audio Jamie Bacon is trying to convince Matthew Johnston from the Surrey Six to join him in Witness Protection. Jamie is trying to make himself look good and make others look bad. In that recording Jamie is trashing Cody Haevischer. Why is that? Because Cody is the last one who hasn't flipped and they want to pin the Surrey Six all on him despite the fact that Jamie Bacon commissioned the Surrey Six.

In that audio Jamie tries to sound like he's fed up with people betraying the game. He talks about a whole bunch of murders he's going to solve because people have gone astray. So he claims. It would appear that Lolo Lanski was the first on his money making list in the Program.

In Kamloops two guys murdered a Red Scorpion associate. In response they murdered the guy's mother. It was a sh*tty thing to do but do you really think Jamie Bacon wasn't a part of it. Do you really think Jamie Bacon is better than Lolo Lanski. Not a chance. Case in point, Nicole Alemy.

Nicole was part of the aftermath of the Surrey Six. Her husband was involved with the UN So Jamie Bacon and his brothers had her killed. She was shot dead with her toddler in the back seat right around the corner from my house. That was a sh*ty thing to do and Jamie Bacon was directly involved with it. Jamie Bacon is no better than Lolo Lanski. Jamie just wanted a payday and a reason IHIT should let him off for the Surrey Six.

When you look at Lolo Lanski you have to think this guy wasn't just Jamie Bacon's right hand man. This guy was Jamie Bacon's bodyguard. Jamie Bacon has a long history of betraying his bodyguards. DK was the first. That we know of.

Jamie Bacon's first bodyguard that we know of was Anton. When cory Lal refused to pay Jamie Bacon's tax Jamie Bacon wanted Anton to kill Cory. Anton said nope. It's too risky. So he confiscated their gun instead and Jamie got his new bodyguard, DK to do it.

Then Jamie Bacon betrayed DK and tried to have him killed. The reason why Jamie Bacon was kissing Matthew Johnston's ass in the audio was because Jamie needed a new bodyguard as the wheels were in motion for him to betray Lolo Lanski in exchange for getting off for the Surrey Six.

So here's the kicker folks. The club can be pretty vindictive. After Jamie Bacon started cooperating with the police instead of killing Jamie Bacon's rivals, they started going after his associates because they did not want him to make any money after he f*cked them over.

I was given a copy of Jamie Bacon's audio April 2022. When was it made? When did he start cooperating with the police? We don't know but we do know it was before that. Meninder Dhaliwal was with his brothers Harb and Shrek when Harb was shot dead in Coal Harbor by the Quebec hitman. Meninder was the one that chased the shooter down and stabbed him in the eye leading to his capture. Meninder was later shot dead in Whistler July 2022.

This was three months after I posted the Jamie Bacon audio. So what does that mean? The charges against Lolo Lanski are obvious. Jame Bacon was behind it. The murder of Meninder Dhaliwal was subtle. It makes us wonder. Jamie Bacon wasn't behind it but was it house cleaning after Jamie Bacon flipped? 6ixaktv had first hand info about the Whistler shooting. That's when he made his first dramatic appearance on the stage. Less than a week after the Whistler fatal shooting there was another fatal shooting in Surrey’s Softball City.

6ixaktv reported that "Harbir Khosa aka Too Short was the original victim to have been gunned down and is fighting for his life on life support. Harbir was last working with Gary Kang and the Red Scorpions but did have ties to the UN guys, originally."

Harbir had ties to the UN in the past but was last working with Gary Kang and the Red Scorpions.


  1. As hard as I try and I truly do try, I can not keep all these names in order and who’s - who in the drug gang/wars. IDK, maybe one of those family tree thingys might work. This country seems fucked to me.

    1. Let me simplify it. You have the Hells Angels and a sh*t load of puppet clubs that work for the Hells Angels. Then you have the fake news trying to blame internal hits on rivals because IHIT and the Gang Task Farce are f*cked.

  2. Got it, thats better.


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