Monday, February 12, 2024

Bonnie Henry's Bogus Movie Night

Anita Krishna is reporting that "On Feb 8, 2024 I attended a protest outside the Vic Theatre in Victoria, BC that was premiering the Bonnie Henry documentary, Our Time to Be Kind".

"Is the title a joke? It should've been called "Our Time to Rewind" because we'd all like to go back in time and tell her to shove her policies up her backside. There was lively group of protestors attending including several from Vancouver. They were right to be fuming at Bonnie, who was caught on camera, by freedom filmmaker, James Loewen. Here's my report from the protest."

Bonnie Henry is another conflicted freak like Chrystia Freeland who should not be in office.


  1. MY first question is who paid for this movie. I have a feeling it was us.

  2. Auditor General; No Way To Know How Much Money Wasted On Arrivecan App .....

    "first, I have to say that I am deeply
    concerned by what this audit didn't find ...
    we didn't find records to accurately
    show how much was spent on what who did
    the work or how and why Contracting
    decisions were made and that paper trail
    should have existed overall this audit shows a
    glaring disregard for basic management
    and Contracting practices throughout
    Arrive CanApp's development and
    implementation" .....

    1. A lot harder to be investigated for criminal wrong doing with no records to show who approved what & why

  3. I remember that, "Arrive CANApp", they wrote me a $3500.00 ticket for failure to comply when I I refused to download their spyware on my phone as I was at the airport returning to Canada during COVID. No, I never paid it.

  4. She’ll be gone with Dix and Eby come vote time. That’ll have to be our karma I guess. Tramp!

    1. I certainly hope so. She's a self absorbed punitive b*tch.

    2. Totally agree, with that last comment. The fact that BC NDP has not apologize for firing health care workers who didn’t want to be force to take the vaccine, shows you how much of a arrogant communist Adrian Dix always was.

    3. Health Care workers still aren't back. The quiet facade is offensive.

  5. We need to wake up and realize how many of these toxic personalities populate the ranks of our elected public servants. Any thing with much position of authority really. It seems the majority of people who choose to run for public office are like this, with it just being a matter of degree. The worst of them wind up being party leadership. That hypothesis may sound wack, (it basically means that as long as anyone is in office, they are the enemy) but it does explain the consistently poor results we get, if there's another that fits the facts I'd like to hear it.

  6. The passive aggressive are always the most dangerous in our society.
    She is a prime example.
    Fkn evil witch.


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