Sunday, February 18, 2024

Alexey Navalny's right hand man meeting with MI6 agent

Update: Once again YouTube removes true information from it's server.

The video YouTube took down is posted on SHTF TV.

MSN is reporting that "Alexei Navalny was likely killed by a single punch to the heart after being exposed to freezing conditions- a special technique once taught to KGB agents. The Russian opposition leader was found dead in prison last week with severe bruising on his body consistent with the ‘one punch’ technique, according to Russian exile and human rights campaigner Vladimir Osechkin" That is so ridiculous. GMAFB. If he's in exile how did he see the body?

The KCCU is reporting that "The death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in a penal colony in Russia's Arctic north was shocking, but hardly surprising. For years, critics and opponents of Russian leader Vladimir Putin have fallen victim to shootings, poisoning with radioactive or nerve agents, or have plunged to their deaths from open windows."

Obviously that's concerning and obviously that's not the whole story.

This Rumble video is said to have been filmed by the Federal Security Service (FSB) sometime in 2012 and allegedly shows a meeting between Vladimir Ashurkov and an employee of the British Embassy in Moscow. Ashurkov is the executive director of the FBK, Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption organization. That falls completely within the realm of believability. We know the CIA is currently meddling in the Iranian elections and are backing a group of terrorists who helped gas Iran simply because they oppose the current administration.

I most certainly don't have blind faith in Putin. However, I have even less faith in the mainstream media and in the Five Eyes Lies. In the YouTube video the Russian opponent is asking for millions of dollars from the corporations who could make billions from Russian resources. That investment would be used to buy mass protests, civil initiatives, propaganda, establishing contacts with the elites and explaining to them we are not going to take away their assets. That's because these Communists don't believe in a distribution of wealth. That line is a lie.

I've already talked about the Sergei Skripal assignation in England. I don't believe Russia was behind it. They could have killed him when he was their prisoner. The nerve agent Used in Salisbury was not Russian. Russia didn't kill Dr David Kelly.

The KCCU article has the audacity to claim that Alexander Litvinenko had accused Putin of complicity in the 1999 bombing of a Russian apartment block that killed hundreds of people and provided Putin with an excuse to launch the Second Chechen War. GMAFB.

We've already talked about that too. The movie the November Man with Pierce Brosnan was based on a true story. The CIA was directly involved. They put Putin in and now they want to take him out simply becuase they want his oil and gas just like Iran.

Now we are seeing CIA drone strikes on Russian refineries after they blew up Nord Stream.


  1. Soon, the CIA will start striking themselves...

    1. They'll just strike the guys that work for them after they are finished with them.

  2. He had a heart attack. (Sudden death syndrome).

    1. Blood clots from being vaccinated 4 times? Anything is possible.


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