Saturday, February 24, 2024

Man acquitted in 2010 shooting of Mandy Johnson

This is old news but relevant. The Chilliwack Progress is reporting that "A man has been acquitted of second-degree murder in the 2010 shooting death in Abbotsford of single mom Mandy Johnson of Langley. Jason Himpfen, 43, was found not guilty Friday in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster of the second-degree murder of Johnson, as well as the attempted murder of a man who cannot be named because of a publication ban. That man, who Black Press will refer to using the pseudonym “Jim,” was the key witness at Himpfen’s trial."

"Johnson, 22, was killed July 28, 2010 while she was in a vehicle on Polar Avenue in Abbotsford. She was the mother of a young daughter. Also initially charged with manslaughter in relation to Johnson’s death, as well as the attempted murder of Jim, was gang leader Gavin Grewal. But Grewal, 30, himself was the victim of a targeted killing in North Vancouver on Dec. 22, 2017."

Gavin Grewal was the leader of the Brother's Keepers. Jim sold drugs for Gavin Grewal. "Jim had a meeting a couple of days before the shooting where he was warned by a man known as Long-Haired Garry that Himpfen was going to get (him).”

"On the morning of the killing, Jim and Grewal exchanged text messages and arranged to meet at around 3 a.m. on Polar Avenue. The two travelled in separate cars – Johnson was in a Chevy Tahoe with Jim – and got out to speak to each other.

"After a few moments, Himpfen emerged from the back of Grewal’s car. Crisp alleged that Himpfen was holding a gun, and Jim began running away. Shots were then fired at him, and he heard Johnson scream. She had been shot at several times through an open window of the Tahoe. Himpfen and Grewal fled the scene – a third man was apparently driving the vehicle they were in – and Jim ran to Johnson, saw she had been shot, and called 911. Johnson died on the scene, and an autopsy confirmed that she had been shot in both the head and torso."

"Nine spent shell casings were found at the scene and three shell fragments were found in the vehicle. But defence lawyer’s Kevin Westell was correct in his opening statement that the trial would be an “identification case” – a matter of proving who actually pulled the trigger. The judge found there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that Himpfen was the shooter."

That is disguising. There are two tragedies here. Jim goes to a meeting where he knows he's in trouble and brings his girlfriend. The first tragedy is that wonderful young women got involved with such a low life piece of white trash. The second tragedy is that those low lifes intentionally killed is GF just because they wanted to get him. It was no accident.

Why were they trying to kill him? He probably owed them money. Yet killing his GF instead was deranged. This is a sh*ty life and a sh*ty world. Don't get involved wit hit. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you want to leave the life just leave. Pay your debts and don't cooperate with the police. Cooperating with the police just to avoid jail time is pathetic.

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