Sunday, February 25, 2024

Swedish migrants assault 60 minutes film crew

There are criminals in every community. Canada and the United States has been built by hard working immigrants. Whenever high crime cripples a community we must confront the crime.

CBS is reporting that "Bishop Gerald Seabrooks of New York City’s Rehoboth Cathedral told The National Desk (TND) Tuesday migrants convicted of crimes should face removal from the U.S. “Any immigrant who attacks any citizen of New York City, any peace officer, should be immediately deported back to where they came from,” Seabrooks said. He claimed the action is necessary because inviting criminals to the country is the opposite of American ideals.

“This is not what America is about. We’re trying to fight crime. We’re not trying to invite crime to continue. We’re fighting that stuff," Seabrooks said. Exactly. Hard working immigrants are welcome. Criminals are not. We must continue to be vigilant in fighting crime.

The problem with mass illegal immigration is crime. People throw away their ID right before they cross the border so no one can do a criminal record check. We see migrants charged with murder who get deported then simply come back again illegally. The purpose of a border is to confront crime and to screen out criminals. The New York Times is reporting that "Immigration officials revealed on Monday that a fugitive Mexican national accused of killing five neighbors over the weekend had previously been deported four times."

NYPD officers attacked by illegal migrants in Times Square

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