Sunday, February 25, 2024

Richmond lethal injection site protest

The Fake News is admitting that "While Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed it's not considering a standalone supervised drug consumption site in Richmond, hundreds protested Monday in opposition to the political process that raised the possibility one could be built."

'Last week, seven of nine Richmond councillors voted to ask the health authority to explore the idea as at the city's hospital and launch a consultation process. It was a contentious decision after two nights of heated hearings that required at least one person to be escorted out by RCMP, and calls for calm from Mayor Malcom Brodie." That's because what they are doing is treason.

"An event poster for Monday's protest at Minoru Park Stadium claims the decision to consider the safe consumption site was made hastily, despite overwhelming public protests and opposition, as well as intimidation toward those who opposed it."

Protesters repeatedly chanted, "No more silence!" and waved signs that read, "The silent majority has awakened," and "We elected you, and we can vote you out." It's about time.

"Protesters marched to Richmond City Hall, where Coun. Carol Day said Richmond's motion to consider the safe consumption site also included another important task: better public education and engagement on the topic of safe consumption sites to help reduce stigma."

That argument is obscene. The dirty a*s politicians claim if you disagree with us you need more propaganda. We can all see what's happening in Portland and in the DTES is WRONG. It is not compassion. It is evil. It promotes crime and violence against women.

Rebel News is reporting that "Despite Vancouver Coastal Health rejecting a proposal from Richmond, B.C.'s city council to explore a 'stand alone' safe injection site following civil pushback, hundreds of protesters still gathered on Family Day to encourage citizens to vote out the city councillors who wanted the option considered." That is essential. Finding out who is running in civic elections has become really important. This insane agenda needs to be stopped.


  1. Northern Health likes to do this too. They're trying to push through a safe injection site in Fort St. John with limited public consultation and put it in a spot pretty much in a central location from two daycares, the local library (which has children's programs and kids from said daycares walking by and about a block from an elementary school. They claimed to have talked to local businesses that may be affected but never talked to the daycares, didn't consult with the school district or the nearby school or its' pta and so on.

  2. Vancouver Coastal Health is not good enough to say they reject to have a STAND ALONE drug consumption site !We need to reject all types of Sites including non- standalone and standalone sites !!

  3. Standalone is the key word !!??

    1. I don't know what a standalone site is.

    2. Standalone ---- means INDEPENDENT and separate premises with independent entry door !!So a site inside the hospital is not a standalone site !

    3. By that definition I thought they all were. However, turning the Emergency room hallways into safe injection sites in Surrey and Langley is mentally deranged.


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