Tuesday, February 13, 2024

What if Donald Trump chose RFK to be his VP?

Everyone's talking about it so I'm going to mention it. What if Donald Trump chose RFK to be his Vice President? Woudn't that be grand? Let's do the math. We know that there is good and bad within both parties. If the globalists within the Republican party can unite with the globalists in the Democrat party to remove civil liberty and promote the war machine, then why can't the freedom loving Republicans unite with the freedom loving Democrats? It's about time.

This viral video of RFK explaining what the war in the Ukraine is really about hits the nail on the head. Mitch McConnell is a bad man. He was named in the book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer. Mitch McConnell is laundering tax dollars to WEF board members just like the Democrats laundered tax dollars through FTX. The war in the Ukraine is about NATO expansion and NATO expansion is about making money selling arms owned by Blackrock.

Here's another reason this pair would be a good match. Everyone thinks if RFK gets in they'll kill him. Everyone thinks the same thing if Trump gets in but if RFK was Trump's Vice President, then they wouldn't kill him. They'd have to kill them both which would be unprecedented.

RFK wrote a book about Fauci. These two would make a great team. Some people are worried that Trump is so blindly pro Israel he'd buy into the Gaza conflict. Well, so is RFK so on that they agree. However, I don't. One of the signs something was fishy with the Gaza conflict was the globalists insistence on bundling Israel aid with Ukraine aid. That was a red flag. One of many.

It's like what the IDF whistle blower said. Why would Israel need help to defeat Gaza? Gaza doesn't have an army. They don't even own a tank. The US tax dollars being sent to Israel for the war in Gaza is going to two places. It's going into Israeli oligarch's pockets and it's buying US bombs owned by Blackrock. I'm not doing to flog a dead horse. There are a lot of shady things involved with the war in Gaza and Benjamin Netanyahu is a bad man. Just sayn.

However I think Trump and RFK would make a great team. It would also avoid splitting the vote. Ross Perot ran as an independent. It is really hard for an independent to win. The fact that the Democrats wouldn't let RFK run for the leadership of the party says it all. Yet if he runs as an independent that will split the vote. If they run together on the same card they will unite the vote.


  1. RFK is being cancelled because his ideologies don't fit with the current radical left demonrats. That would be epic if DT did that. I personal think, he needs a female VP as this speaks volumes to the female voters and mabey a few of the haters would like him if he did that. Either way we need him like never before, before this world blows itself up with the deep state elites and WEf /UN war mongers... Thanks Dennis for keep it real!


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