Friday, February 2, 2024

Surrey Shooting on Scott Road

Update: CTV surveillance video

CTV is reporting that "Police are investigating a daylight shooting in Surrey, B.C., that left a man seriously injured Friday. Authorities said they responded to a report of gunfire near the busy intersection of Scott Road and 84 Avenue shortly after 1:30 p.m."

"Frontline officers attended the scene and located a man who appeared to be suffering from gunshot wounds," Surrey RCMP said in a news release. "The victim was transported to hospital with serious injuries. Approximately 30 minutes after the shooting, Surrey RCMP also responded to a vehicle fire across the city, near 179 Street and 99A Avenue."

"The incident followed about 36 hours after another shooting in the city that targeted the home of a Sikh activist, though there's been no indication the shootings are connected. Authorities said the previous shooting happened before 1:30 a.m. Thursday, when someone opened fire on a property on 154 Street."

"A spokesperson for the group Sikhs For Justice, which advocates for Sikh independence, has since said community members believe the shooting was linked to Indian foreign interference because the homeowner is an associate of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the gurdwara leader who was gunned down last June." The government of India has banned the group Sikhs For Justice in India which is absurd. They are good people with valid concerns.

Update: SixAK_TV is confirming that the victim of the shooting was Brother's Keeper Kevin "Shorty" Sangra. People were saying that but I didn't want to say anything until I had confirmation. He knows the street level guys a lot better than I do. I just know of the guys pulling their strings.

SixAK_TV is also reporting that "Despite his historical ties to the Brothers Keepers, it appears ‘Shorty’ had embarked on an independent path leading up to his untimely demise." That sounds a lot more accurate than something PostMedia News would report. So if he was working for the Brothers Keepers who sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels but went independent, who do you think shot him? It's not rocket science. The geriatrics are still in the house yo. Well Larry Amero and Damian Ryan aren't quite geriatrics yet but they sure are close.

I thought I saw somewhere on his page that said Shorty was at one time affiliated with Lil Man. If Shorty was BK he would of had to have been affiliated with Lil Man at one point. Lil Man's real name was Naseem Ali Mohammed. He was a Somalian with a BK tat. He was the link between BK and the Driftwood Crips who the Edmonton Hells Angels brought in after they killed Ali.

Damion Ryan hired Naseem Mohammed to kill Anees Mohammed aka Mo. As soon as he killed Mo, Naseem’s name and picture was plastered all over the PoPo’s most wanted lists just like 1hunnid. The Wolf Pack roll on the people they hire to kill someone so the police get a bust and they get a free ride to sell drugs. That's their MO. Damion Ryan is with the Wolf Pack.

SixAK_TV is also reporting that BIBO is breaking off of the Red Scorpions which he will address in an upcoming post. That's entirely possible. I have no idea what's going to happen to the Red Scorpions now that Jamie Bacon is cooperating with the police. I would think that the club would kill anyone affiliated with or loyal to the little pig sh*t. Is there any leadership left in BIBO? I have no idea but just to set the record straight, I don't support anyone who sells drugs. I don't hope the UN takes over for the HAs. I hope everyone can see what that life really is and walks away.

I know that's wishful thinking because there will always be drug dealers just like there will always be forest fires. That doesn't mean we have to pour gasoline on the fire or make more fires with planned ignitions. We have a duty to fight the fire but my focus is changing because I'm getting old. I'm tired of the petty sh*t. I want to foccus on the big sh*t.

When I look at the big picture I see a whole lot of crazy a*s sh*t going on and I'll tell you this. If the Hells Angels shoot a rival drug dealer that doesn't affect me at all but when Justin Trudeau and CSIS take away my civil liberty that does affect me. Times have changed. The fake news is ridiculous. We can all see that. Their Agenda is f*cked.

There's a lot of things I can't change. I can't stop drug dealers and I can't stop the CIA. All I can do is expose the sh*t for what it is and let people choose. We're witnessing a gathering. A gathering of good and and gathering of evil. The grey areas are disappearing but many are still being deceived because the fake news is bombarding us with lies.

The truth will be declared in every nation and in every language but so will a whole lot of lies. If you aren't willing to do your homework your gonna be led into slavery through deception. That's a whole lot more important than a couple of kids bustin caps in my crib.

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