Saturday, February 10, 2024

Clare Daly speaks out: Ireland disowns Butcher Biden

Irish MEP Clare Daly calls US President Butcher Biden for supporting Israel in Gaza war at the EU. Wait 'till I tell ye. First listen to what she has to say then let's discuss the merit of her concerns. Clare Daly speaks with passion and conviction, God love her.

Erin go bragh, Tiocfaidh ár lá. We know. Provisional IRA, PLO, INLA, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. We know. We remember. Je me souviens. She speaks with passion because she sees what's going on. She's not blinded by the fake news and choked out by the new apathy that tolerates it. Could she be blinded by the New World Order's End Game? Perhaps so let's discuss this honestly and let's look at the big picture including their final agenda so we are not deceived like everyone else because there is clearly a hidden agenda at play here.

As I recall, the RA and it's many various branches has always been very supportive of the Palestinians and the PLO. I support the Oslo accord. The first hidden concern that I want to discuss is the fact that Mossad created Hamas to drive the PLO out of Gaza.

The second concern I want to discuss is the not hidden fact that Israel allowed and facilitated the October 7th attack and let hostages be taken to justify their preplanned response.

There is a provision in the Hamas manifesto that is unacceptable. Did Mossad intentionally put that in to justify wiping them out after they pushed the PLO out of Gaza? Perhaps but we are drawn back to the Oslo accord just like how in the Holy Land we are drawn to the Good Friday Agreement. I'm referring to Northern Ireland. Right now I don't see anything holy in Israel.

Israel claims they want to destroy Hamas. Fair enough. Bring back the PLO and we'll call it a day.

This is why I support a United Ireland independent of the EU.

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