Tuesday, February 6, 2024

I do not support the Keep the Surrey RCMP Circus Freaks

Let me be clear. The Keep the Surrey RCMP cabal of circus freaks do not represent me. They defiantly represent everything that's wrong with the RCMP and refuses to change.

Recently the BC NDP canceled a fundraiser dinner in Surrey after reports of protesters planning to crash it. There were actually three separate groups of protesters. Anti SOGI, Keep the Surrey RCMP and Pro Palestinian. Let's talk about deception and healthy boundaries.

Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own municipal police force. The dirty tricks the Surrey RCMP have pulled to fight that trend are shameful. That is what has convinced me it has to happen. The growing concern about Justin Trudeau ties to the WEF reinforce the meed for regional representation not federal domination.

How the RCMP set up Cameron Ortis just to end civilian oversight and public acountability was a national disgrace. The RCMP's high end ties to CSIS and the Five Eyes are a huge concern. The Five Eyes, the NSA and the CIA are not good. Neither is CSIS. CSIS and the RCMP need civilian oversight and public accountability. Yet they will do anything and everything they can to prevent it.


  1. The RCMP have proven themselves to be corrupt over and over again.

    1. Not only that, the WHOLE government is corrupted. A repeat cycle which is never ending...

    2. That's a bit of a generalization. The upper management of the RCMP are completely corrupt but not the rank and file. The Trudeau government is f*cked but we need to have faith in the system or we'll give up and not participate in the system. That's what they want. They want us to give up and not participate so they can have complete control.

  2. Note to the Rank and File:

    Stop fucking going along with this shit you idiots.


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