Saturday, October 10, 2020

New documents released in the Lindsay Buziak murder

Update: OK I was kinda broadsided by this new release of documents but have since found out what's going on and I have to say all hail. Capital Daily is a new online media outlet that is independent of the Post Media News monopoly. They claim to specialize in nonpartisan investigative reporting. Something the mainstream media no longer does. CBC was the last line of investigative journalists but they are anything but nonpartisan.

Capital Daily has hired credible crime reporter Zander Sherman to investigate the Lindsay Buziak murder case and they are the ones that have made the court application to obtain more documents and are releasing those documents to the public. This is good news. Previously we had a former cop named Gary Rodgers who tried to make money off of a book about Lindsay's murder that was a partisan spin for the prime suspects.

Zander Sherman is credible, Gary Rodgers is not. You can subscribe to the Capital Daily newsletter online. Tristin Hopper from the National Post appears to be at the Helm of the Capital. I won't mention his partner's name unless they want me to. Go team.

The Capital Daily is reporting that a group of journalists "petitioned the BC Supreme Court to unseal 35 applications to obtain judicial authorizations. After a recent ruling by Justice Robert Punnett, those documents were partially released to the public."

We have a pretty good idea of who was invovled and why. It was not the gang execution of a mistaken informant. It was Dr Phil personal and the Zailos are the prime suspects. This new information reinforces the need for a merger between Saanich and Victoria PD and the need for Chris Horsely to be taken off the case.
This is a picture of Jason Zailo and his brother Ryan with their drug dealer pal Ziggy.
Ziggy was found guilty in December 2016 of trafficking a kilo of crystal meth and 10 liters of date rape drug. Ziggy and his coacused were refered to as Top level drug dealers busted in Victoria. Ziggy's real name is Zachery Matheson. Ziggy was romantically involved with Shannon Christine Spruyt. Ziggy's friend David Martin Niebergall plead guilty to murdering Kevin Black who was Shannon's new boyfriend after she broke up with Ziggy. Shannon was assaulted when Kevin was shot. Later that year she died of a heroin overdose.

Ryan was the one first interested in a relationship with Lindsay but Jason won her over. Ryan has been accused of being present during the murder. That might explain the repeated stab wounds on the body. I'm sure Dr Phil would have something to say about that.

Lindsay had dated someone involved in the gang life before. That was not new. What was new was the fact that she stumbled across high level money laundering in the real estate market and wanted to leave Jason. That was new. She did not inform on anyone. She just wanted to leave Jason like Shannon left Ziggy. That is all.

The article states that Jason had provided Lindsay's laptop to the police but various facebook messages she had over the last few months were mysteriously deleted which they all found odd. Is it not likely Jason deleted all the PMs she had telling her friends she was leaving Jason?

The article states that "On Buziak’s list of Facebook friends, they quickly saw people who were violent criminals and involved in the illegal distribution of drugs. The names of those people are still heavily redacted, but the Saanich Police initially believed that Buziak’s association to them may have played a role in her death." That is what Chris Horsely would have us believe. I do not.

The article mentions her trip to Calgary to visit her father. On that trip she also met with Erickson and told him she was leaving Jason because she missed what she had with Matt. I do not believe the Del Alcazar network had anything to do with her murder. I did at first but now I am starting to see things much more clearly.

Lindsay did not tell her father she saw something she shouldn't have during her Calgary visit with Erickson. In Calgary she said she saw something she shouldn't have before that here in BC. Lindsay was stabbed more than 40 times. That is not a gang hit. That is personally deranged. In 2020 the cover up story is finally starting to make sense.

Saanach and Victoria PD need to be merged. That old boys club needs to be broken.

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