Saturday, October 10, 2020

Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime

As everyone ditches Netflix for their deplorable endorsement of pedophilia and child exploitation through the revolting show Cuties, Amazon Prime rise from the ashes. I started watching Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. They have season two but I'm just starting on season one since I'm behind the times. I'm like, this seems like Jim From the Office.

Sure enough it's the same actor, John Krasinski. It's kind of a funny Office remix except way better. I realize there was a certain dynamic that kept the Office together for so many years but I never got into it. In the remix, Jim is called Jack and is in a new office at CIA headquarters in Langley. There's a cute coworker that smiles at him, brings him coffee and does favors for him like Pam in the Office. Wendell Pierce, a character similar to Stanley is the new boss instead of Michael and he does a way better job. It's not so goofy. It's a little more dramatic.

OK yes it covers CIA terrorism which is Fake As F*ck, but if you take that story line with a grain of salt like James Bond or the comedy Covert Affairs, it's kinda fun. IRL there hasn't been a terrorist the CIA hasn't trained and they are deeply involved with the drug trade in Lebanon, here and everywhere else. Nevertheless, Jack Ryan is a fun dramatic remix of the Office.

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