Monday, October 19, 2020

Liberals threaten to call election if We Scandal investigated

The Woodstock Sentinal Reveiw is reportign that "The Liberals are threatening to send Canadians to the polls if Parliament passes an opposition motion to create an “anti-corruption” committee, calling the Conservative proposal “ultra-partisan” and “irresponsible.” On Monday, Government House Leader Pablo Rodriguez expressed frustration at the Conservatives’ push for the committee, which would be composed of 15 MPs tasked with delving into the WE Charity scandal and other possible conflicts of interest involving the Liberals. 'When you’re asking the government to concentrate all their efforts on what is requested by this committee instead of fighting the pandemic, or instead of being there for Canadian households, WE think that it’s extremely irresponsible,' Rodriguez said during a news conference." Go F*ck yourself.

Call and election? Please do. Justin Trudeau should be in jail. It was HIS charity.

WE Charity docs reveal $24,000 in payments to Sophie Trudeau

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