Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Fraser Health issues Overdose Alert for Surrey

The Surrey Now Leader is reprting that "Drug overdoses, resulting from cocaine contaminated with fentanyl, have spiked in the City of Surrey over the past 24 hours, Fraser Health has reported. In an Overdose Alert issued Oct. 17, the health authority says there has been an increase in emergency room admissions for overdoses in the city. Reports suggest that the overdoses have been connected to cocaine that is contaminated with an opioid, like fentanyl."

We all know what's happened locally and I'm not going to write about it on the blog because when a family member dies, the family deserves privacy. I will say this. Fraser Health does not promote health. They promote tax paid misery. Arresting a drug dealer who knowingly sells tainted drugs is a no brainer. Even the addicts would appreciate that. Failure to do so is criminal culpability.

In the previous post we saw that the Ontario Regional Police and their Biker Enforcement Unit are still active in confronting the drug trade while the CFSEU in BC is not. That is corruption. We see Hells Angels overseeing the drug trade in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. Who do you think is responsible for the tainted cocaine in Surrey? It doesn't take a brain surgeon to do the math. In 2016 Leanne Yardley bought some cocaine from a Hells Angels associate in Shakerz. It was straight fentanyl. She died on the spot. The media didn't even report it.

They say boys will be boys and men will be men. We have a lot of boys in Surrey but few men.

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