Thursday, October 1, 2020

Fake Sovereigntists and Fake Environmentalists

We’ve already talked about fake environmentalists. Communists who pretend to be environmentalists but are in reality the opposite. If they really were environmentalists, they’d support Natural gas because that is clean burning. Instead, they support burning industrial coal to generate electricity. This is about as environmentally toxic as you can get. Likewise, the sovereign citizens are Fake As F*ck.

In the US the Sovereign citizens cult claim that if you renounce your citizenship, you don’t have to pay income tax. Likewise the Canadian fake sovereigntists admit in the fine print of their draft constitutions that they too want to do away with income tax.

I admit that we can debate how taxes are collected and spent until the cows come home. Yet no taxes means no roads, no schools, no hospitals, no police and no judicial system. Therefore these fake sovereigntists are in reality Anarchists. No police, no courts and no laws.

I’ve spoken to a few of these guys locally and they are all clones of each other. They insist that the Canadian Charter of Rights is a fraudulent document. I beg to differ. It is an act of parliament and constitutes the highest law of the land. It protects civil liberty. Throwing that sacred document away because of a lie removes our liberty and puts our sovereignty at risk. Buyer Beware.
You have nothing to lose but your chains... and your house, and your car, and your guns, all your property, your right to speak, to move, to assemble, your right to strike, right to legal representation, right to due process, your freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures, unlawful imprisonment, freedom of relgion and association. Come to think of it, we have a hell of a lot to lose. In reality, we have everything to lose. They turn us into slaves while pretending to set us free. The Constituion and the Charter of Rights protects us from all of that.

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