Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ottawa drug bust tied to Bikers and Quebec

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that "A nine-month investigation based on intelligence about high-level drug suppliers culminated in a dozen raids in Ottawa and West Quebec last week with a total of 16 people arrested to face 138 charges, the OPP said Tuesday. The suspects alleged to have been involved in the wholesale distribution of cocaine, methamphetamine and illicit cannabis. These high-level targets involved individuals associated to criminal networks in Ontario, including outlaw motorcycle gangs and Ottawa and Quebec-based known criminal organizations responsible for supplying drugs to mid-level traffickers and street gang.,”

Pembrooke Today is posting an Outlaws patch allegedly seized in the raid which is believable for Ontario but skeptical for Quebec. Quebec is Red and White. Ottawa Matters is posting pictures of an Outlaw patch as well as Hells Angels patches and support gear which makes more sense.
A date to sentence a full-patched Hells Angels Nomad chapter member from Ottawa for drug dealing in Sudbury has once again been delayed.

Sentencing in Hells Angels drug case adjourned for health reasons. "Paul Frances Monahan, 64, of Ostrea Lake was supposed to be sentenced Thursday in Dartmouth provincial court, but the hearing was adjourned because of concerns about his health."

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