Thursday, October 15, 2020

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson runs for MLA in BC

I'm thrilled Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson is running for MLA in BC's election. Obviously the Christian Heritage Party isn't going to win a majority but if she wins a seat she will have a voice and it will be a voice in support of civil liberty in these perilous times when our freedom is under attack by the very politicians we elect and fund. Personally, I would rather see her run for the BC Conservatives but I recognize that the CHP is a good fit for her.

I’m all about diversity myself. I support the freedom of religion – all religion. The Muslims are our allies just as the Sikhs are. Religion is not the problem, hypocrisy and immorality is. All our laws are based on morals. We don’t need religion to tell us murder, rape and theft are wrong. Yet those are moral principles and form the framework of a just society.

Hey she's the leader of that party. Good on ya. I'm on a different road but I support hers.

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