Wednesday, October 21, 2020

We Scandal in Kenya and the Michael Baylis fraud

Canada Land is reporting that "And as WE Charity is now scrutinized each day in the Canadian press, a story has emerged of criminal activity and fraud by the leadership of WE’s Kenyan operation in 2017. In a recording made by WE co-founder Marc Kielburger and obtained by Canadaland, Kielburger can be heard patiently listening as a senior employee, Peter Ruhiu, describes in detail how he paid off Kenyan government officials who were investigating Free The Children (FTC), WE’s charitable organization in Kenya, and as Ruhiu repeatedly threatens the life of another FTC employee." Regulatory Mischief: WE Charity In Kenya

Kenya is where Bill Gates and the WHO were spiking tetanus vaccines with a sterilization drug.

WE Charity docs reveal $24,000 in payments to Sophie Trudeau

Trudeau govt. gave ex-liberal MP a $237M contract without a call for bids and overpaid $100M

Update: This just never ends. The West Phalian Times is reporting that "A report released today by the investigative journalists of Journal de Montréal shows that the Trudeau Liberal government gave a $237 million contract to a firm that had been created just seven days before obtaining the contract and that the federal government overpaid by nearly $100 million." GMAFB. Send the clown to prison where he belongs.

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