Sunday, October 18, 2020

Toronto Lockdown Protest continues to grow

Yesterday's lockdown protest in Toronto continues to grow in numbers and credibility. Representatives from the civl liberties union spoke as well as constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati.

This is a clip from the march in Toronto last week:

This is a clip from the march in Toronto this week:

Maxime Bernier joined them along with Toronto Peoples Party candidate Baljit Bawal. Conservatives are not Racists. Communists are lairs. Face the Facts. There was a letter sent out by the Vancouver and District Labour council calling the Vancouver lockdown protest white supremacists. That absurd lie has run it's course. The president of the Vancouver and District Labour Council is Stephen Von Sychowski. Stephen Von Sychowski is also the leader of the Vancouver Young Communists of Canada. He lists his political affiliation as Communist. It's time we faced the truth and confronted the Marxist lies once and for all.

People's Party Newsletter: Lockdowns are killing us!

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