Thursday, October 1, 2020

Kilo of cocaine litre of GHB seized in Alberta tied to BC

The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the Alberta Law Enforcement Team (ALERT) made a drug bust in Grand Prairie that was tied to BC. A kilo of cocine and a litre of date rape drug were seized. Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize both drugs. That's not what the Sikh Temple believes. When you legalize date rape drug you legalize rape. That doesn’t support woman’s rights.

“Police have arrested Kevin Bey, 33, from Langley, B.C., Taylor Edgren, 27, from Pitt Meadows, B.C., and Jeffrey Kayser, 28, from Peterborough, Ont. Police have warrants out for Christine Emes, 29, and Christopher Gilliat, 31, both from Langley, B.C., Joseph Poirier, 39, from Lethbridge, Preston Dougan, 24, from Calgary and Matthew Hull, 30, from Duncan, B.C.”

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