Sunday, October 11, 2020

Canadian Patriot denied right to travel within Canada

The Communist Broadcasting Corporation is reporting that "An anti-mask activist from Ontario was arrested at the Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport Friday and is now facing charges. Christopher Saccoccia, who goes by the name Chris Sky on social media, posted a video to Facebook which he claims shows his arrest in Moncton."

"In the video, Saccoccia can be seen holding what he claims to be a note from a medical professional in a verbal exchange with a WestJet flight attendant. Later in the footage, a police officer is pictured arriving inside the aircraft and telling Saccoccia he is under arrest for causing a disturbance. He is then escorted off the plane by RCMP."

Anti masker. The guy is a patriot defending cvil liberty. He was denied his mobility rights protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights. He was not creating a disturbance. That is a lie. He was showing the flight attendant a medical note and she was disputing a medical professional. The Mainstream Media is worthless. Wait for the Rebel News report on this.

900 Belgian Doctors denounce lockdown

If I have no symptoms, why the f*ck would I get tested?

Listing the lies to see the truth.

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