Friday, October 23, 2020

Tents in Victoria homeless camp used to sell drugs

CTV is reporting that the Victoria Police department launched an undercover operation in a homeless camp outside City Hall in Victoria after an outpouring of drug related violence. "Police say that between Aug. 11 and 15, officers performed surveillance on the area and several undercover officers posed as customers to purchase drugs from tents set up in the homeless encampment in Centennial Square."

"Overall, undercover officers were able to buy methamphetamine, cocaine, psilocybin and fentanyl from tents in the square. Police say that they found that multiple tents were being used on a “rotating basis” to sell drugs. A tent would be emptied of bedding to use for drug deals one day, then bedding would be returned to the tent and someone would sleep there the next day."

These homeless camps are not advocates for the homeless they are advocates for lawlessness and organized crime. The Strathcona rape camp is a prime example. After the city closed the Openheimer rape camp they turned down housing and took over another park.

The Victoria police saw an increase in crime and launched an undercover operation. The Winnipeg police did the same thing. After a rise in fentanyl related deaths the police launched an undercover operation targeting drug dealers that were selling tainted drugs. This is what the police are supposed to do. If the Surrey RCMP did this, we wouldn't need to replace them.

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