Monday, June 1, 2020

Greta Thunberg is a Communist

I don't blog about Greta Thunberg because she's just a kid and she looks mentally retarded. The fact that the MSM gives her so much attention is absolutely bizarre. Now we know why. Maxine Bernier posted a picture of Greta and her parents wearing ANTIFA T-shirts on his Twitter.

I have several points to make. This brazen act confirms our previous position where the Oath Keepers exposed the UN's Agenda 21. The UN is using a fake environmental campaign to remove civil liberty and implement Communism. That's what Agenda 21 is.

Greta wearing an ANTIFA T-shirt is evidence of her support of this Communist fraud to turn us all into slaves under the false pretense of protecting the environment. ANTIFA, the Anti Fascists, are Anarchists and Communists using violence and lawlessness to promote a Communist totalitarian state. That is their primary objective. We've seen this all before.

Fascism and Communism are exactly the same thing. The only difference between the two is that Fascists are honest about their objectives while the Communists are not. The Communists will lie to everyone under the sun to try and convince them to use violence to help them take over the government. Once they take power. Everyone becomes slaves. Just ask Alexandre Soljenitsyne.

Before the COVID1984 fraud was launched by Communist China, we saw Communists in Maple Ridge blocking commuter trains trying to overthrow the democratic will of the First Nation members of the Wet'suwet'en. They were pretending to be environmentalists but that fraud was quickly revealed. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not.

Communist China has not turned it's carbon footprint around on a dime. That is a bold faced lie. Communist China is setting up industrial coal plants around the world to generate electricity. That is not green. That is toxic. Their green fraud is a scam worthy of Universal Studios.

This fraud is tied to Mitch McConnell and his wife's family business. The book Secret Empires by Peter Schweizer clearly spells out how Mitch McConnell and his wife have financially benefited from shipping coal to Europe for Communist China. Not only coal, but cocaine as well.

Communist China owning and controlling the Main Stream Media is the reason why we are getting such ridiculously biased reporting of the fake news. As I pointed out, Minneapolis is predominately a white middle class suburb. It's not like Chicago or LA.

I have a friend in the US who recently confirmed reports that the fires and looting in Minneapolis wasn't even the citizens of Minneapolis. It was outsiders hired by ANTIFA. That is believable because the looting and rioting is very out of character for the community in Minneapolis I became acquainted with many years ago. Agent Provocateurs at work.

I will add that Maxine Bernier is putting out some very timely and insightful Twitter posts that we should all subscribe to. He even retweeted Marc Emery's statement about lawlessness: "Stop calling miscreant criminals 'protesters'. I’ve been a protester much of my life and I’ve never smashed anyone’s face, glass, property or ... anything. People who use violence aren’t trying to convince anyone of anything. They like to see the world burn. They are a cancer." Indeed.

What we are now seeing is the Communist deception in Poland after the second world war. Satan sent in the Fascists to invade Poland. Then he sent in the Communists to liberate the people from Fascism so that their slavery was complete. Lest we forget the lies of Communism end in slavery.

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