Sunday, May 31, 2020

Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson endorses hydroxychloroquine at Coquitlam Human Rights Movement Vancouver rally

I attended the anti lockdown rally at Lafarge lake in Coquitlam today. The MSM was not present. It was put on by the Human Rights Movement Vancouver (HRMV). Marco and Elisha set the stage. They have really cool T-shirts for sale that say HRMV Civilized Disobedience. I'm trying to find a link where people can buy them online. Marco said that he and Elisha are going to step back and let others take over future events. I hope they don't. They are both sincere and genuine. Others who take it over might not be. Everyone has an agenda. Don't let this get hijacked.

Laura-Lynn gave a passionate speech about hydroxychloroquine. She is a powerful speaker. Laura-Lynn stated that 10 years ago she was diagnosed with lupus. She said at the time her doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine for her lupus. Her doctor told her it was perfectly safe. So the fact that the WHO is denouncing it is further evidence we need to stop funding the WHO and terminate our relationship with it. The WHO does not promote health. It promotes Communism.

Google states that "Hydroxychloroquine in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). ... HCQ may reduce the risk of flares, allow the reduction of the dosage of steroids, reduce organ damage, and prevent the thrombotic effects of anti-phospholipid antibodies. The drug is generally safe and may be prescribed to pregnant women." Which confirms recent claims in a video posted online.

Laura-Lynn and I arrived at the same time. It was raining so we shared an umbrella. I did not recognize her. When she said her name I had heard that name mentioned and had her mixed up with Tanya from Surrey. Then when I heard her speak the light went on. Afterwards I asked her if she ran for Maxine Bernier's party and she said yes. Now I know who you are. The MSM tore her apart because the MSM is not credible and because they are afraid of her. For Good reason. She is a grass roots activist with a large and growing following.

There are many things that Laura-Lynn and I agree on. There are some things she and I do not agree on and never will. Yet no two people agree on every issues. I do not believe radical Islam is a threat to Canada. Not like Communist China is. Communist China has a huge amount of money. Radical Islam does not. The reason why the MSM sucks is because Communist China is taking over ownership of it. Radical Islamics are fringe extremists.

The CIA created ISIS to drag us into the war in Syria so we would oppose the Russian pipeline from Iran in favor of the Saudi pipeline from Qatar. Radical Islam had nothing to do with it. Other than the fact that it was the CIA who were funding it. So don't get me started on who is really behind radical Islam. The same people behind Iran Contra. Maxime Bernie told his GF at the time, the War in Afghanistan was not about terrorism. It was about control of the opium trade.

I expressed my concerns with Maxine Bernier's position on Immigration but she supported it. I disagreed. I said because of Canada's low birth rate we need immigration to prosper. She said I had been brainwashed by the left. No, I am not left. Well I am left of her but that's because she's standing out on the branch while I'm standing closer to the trunk of the tree.

Draw a line in the sand and call that democracy. That is where I stand. The further you get away from that line to the left or the right, the further away from democracy you get and the closer you get to dictatorship. Fascism and Communism are the same thing. They are both totalitarian systems. Adapting a single state religion is the same as abolishing religion altogether. I believe in the freedom of religion and in a free republic. That is what I believe in.

In trying to sway me to her side of the immigration issue she cited friends in Alberta. I thought to myself oh you did not go there with me. I will merge with French Freedom before I will merge with Alberta Hate. Yet I recognize that there are many hard working Albertans that share many of the same values that I do. In fact yesterday I wore a yellow vest at the Surrey lockdown protest in solidarity with them. It's just that I am from Surrey. I grew up with all the Surrey jokes.

When they changed the name of Whalley to Surrey Central we laughed. We said you can change the name but you can't change Whalley. We were wrong. Surrey is progressing thanks to immigration. Hard working people from all over the world with good values are moving here and making this a better place to live. Surrey trash is still Surrey trash as Surrey Jacks never change but the more immigrants we get the better. Unless you're First Nations we're all immigrants.

That doesn't make me left wing. That makes me a Republican. I believe in a free republic. I support the French vision which was immortalized in the Statue of liberty. "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Oh and there were lots of other signs and speakers at the rally too.

One final point about the math of immigration. I live in Surrey which was the largest municipality in Canada until if finally became it's own city. People move here from all over the country and the world. I'm not sure why. They must not have been raised with all the Surrey jokes. Nevertheless, Surrey will eventually outgrow Vancouver. None of us are complaining about immigration.

When people move here that creates jobs in construction. Those people need to eat so it creates jobs in the food sector. BC and Alberta is fortunate to have natural resources which means you can find some good jobs in rural communities. Nevertheless, over all people move from the small towns to the big cities in quest of employment. Immigration increases employment.

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