Sunday, May 31, 2020

Post Media Trash Defies Democracy

Post media trash is trying to create a fake scandal about how the ruling party in Surrey falsely accused the RCMP of murder. Get a f*cking life. Nobody reads post media trash because of it's tax and spend support of the Surrey Worst Dictatorship. These are the same losers that supported LRT in Surrey over skytrain where Vancouver is supporting Skytrain.

The Safe Surrey Coalition was elected on a promise to implement Skytrain over LRT and a municipal police force over RCMP. Surrey is the largest city in Canada without it's own police force. Post Media Trash is still trying to defy the results of a democratic election because of it's corporate sponsors. Dianne Watts' Surrey First supported ads by Surrey Disconnect pushing for the RCMP after they lost the election and after Surrey Disconnect broke their election promise.

You can't fool us. We live here. We know Dianne Watts' history. Now the union that represents the RCMP are funding ads on Facebook pushing to keep the RCMP in Surrey in contrast to the election promise and results. Post Media Trash is worthless. You do not represent Surrey.

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