Monday, May 11, 2020

Vancouver opens up while Alberta shuts down

The weekend before provincial parks reopen, Vancouver beaches and city parks were packed. This is why we need to open provincial parks and should not have shut them down. The more parks you close the more crowded the ones you don't close will be. While things are starting to open up in BC, in Alberta the Conservative government is taking a huge step backwards as the police defy the Canadian Charter of Rights and arrest a peaceful protester for no reason.

This does not build public trust. This builds public hatred for the police and complete contempt for law enforcement who break the law and disregard the Charter of Rights. These officers need to be charged for violating the Charter of Rights. What they did is discussing and deplorable.

In BC we have a NDP government while in Alberta they have a Conservative government and we have more civil liberty during this COVID fraud then they do. Go figure. We need to support civil liberty no matter what our political persuasion. That is what we need to do.

Peaceful protester arrested for sitting alone in front of Alberta’s Legislature. Why?

The Rebel News was present and reported on the Alberta unlawful arrest.

CTV has picked up on the story.

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