Sunday, May 24, 2020

Communist China crushes Hong Kong's Constitution

The Communist Party of China is cracking down on protesters as they try to break the Hong Kong Constitution and crush civil liberty. The BBC is reporting that "Thousands of demonstrators have been marching through the city centre. Police say 120 have been arrested. Earlier, 200 senior politicians from around the world issued a joint statement criticising China's plan. But China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the legislation should be brought in "without the slightest delay". China is seeking to pass a law that would ban "treason, secession, sedition and subversion" in the territory. Activists fear it is an attempt to limit freedoms and silence Beijing's opponents." City News posted a video of the protest.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Around 200 people gathered outside the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver and across the road on Sunday to protest a proposed security law that would crack down on the Hong Kong independence movement." Oh now all of a sudden you're starting to wake up about Communism in China. Communism is the Mother of all Lies.

When Nelson Mandela became president he created a Constitution and Bill of Rights that protected civil liberty. That is the exact opposite of what the Communist Party of China is doing. Hong Kong has a Constitution and the Communist Party of China is crushing it.

Hong Kong first started protesting when the Communist Party of China created a law that would extradite political prisoners from Hong Kong to mainland China where they could be executed to order for their organs. This is something Justan Idiot admires about the Communist Dictatorship. This is something civilized society needs to passionately oppose.

Now, the Communist Party of China is trying to break the British Agreement and kill the Hong Kong Constitution. We need to oppose this. We need to oppose China's seat on the UN's human rights council and oppose their barbaric practice of murdering political prisoners to make money from their organs. We need to stop funding the World Health Organization because they are simply not promoting health. They are supporting a political agenda that crushes clvi liberty. Justin Trudeau isn't Justan Idiot. He is a traitor to the Canadian Charter of Rights.

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