Saturday, May 16, 2020

Obamagate and Money Laundering in the Ukraine

Obamagate is a scam. Eric Holder took the fall for Operation Fast and Furious. Obama used executive privilege to hide Hillary Clinton's involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. That's the scandal. Everything else is small change in comparison. Iran Contra never stopped.

Joe Biden's Ukraine China Collusion is as damning as you can get. Mitt Romney and Joe Biden's ties to the CIA make them dirty. That is the root of the problem - the CIA. Republican Globalists and Democrat Globalists are teaming up to form one party: the Communist Party of China.

The tangled web of shell companies Hunter Biden is tied to in China is 50 shades of the CIA.

A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. If the roots are evil, the entire tree is evil.

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