Saturday, May 16, 2020

Ride Free 2020: National Road Trip Day

Today represents a turning point in the COVID War. "Most" BC parks have reopened. They never should have shut down. You can practice safe social distance in the back country. We need fresh air and exercise. Lock downs are fatal. In Fleetwood there was a sign outside the rec centre that said If you're sick, stay home. I accept that. What I do not accept is all these other offensive signs the provincial government has posted all over the freeway that says COVID-19 Stay Home. Avoid unnecessary travel. I cannot accept that. Mobility rights are an important part of the Canadian Charter of Rights because that is something a Communist government takes away from you.

We have learned many things from COVID1984. We found out who the leader of the World Health Organization is. He's not a medical doctor, he's a revolutionary Communist and we should have absolutely nothing to do with him or the UN's New World Order. Globalism is Communism and I reject it. The Main Stream Media is criminally insane. They are flooding the airways with fear and propaganda in support of Globalism. We need to find alternate news sources.

Dr Phil spoke on the anxiety pandemic that we need to address since the media is fueling it. Manulife has posted some council on how to keep a healthy outlook through the COVID-19 crisis. "When it feels like bad news is happening every day, it can be very difficult and challenging. For many, stress and anxiety are accompanied by a sense of losing control. According to MindBeacon, provider of one of the leading digital mental health therapy services BEACON, when the news is bleak, it’s important to keep a sense of perspective."

"MindBeacon recommends these ways to keep a healthy outlook: 1) Compare your troubling thoughts with reality 2) Focus your attention elsewhere 3) Don’t overwhelm yourself with news." Especially Fake News. CBS showing an overcrowded hospital in Italy claiming it was in Queens New York was criminally insane. The media kept bombarding us with images of line ups outside hospitals in California and New York while locals would video the same hospitals with no line ups whatsoever. The Fake News was toxic. Local protesters were right. We need to choose freedom over fear. The governments "cure" was worse than the disease. Sweden was right.

On Tuesday retail stores reopen. They never should have shut down. We need to move forward. So today marks a turning point in the COVID War. Today we are free. We are free to move. If you're sick stay home. If you're not sick, get out there and move. It's your God given right.

Speaking of mental health, anyone with real mental health issues has been put on the back burner along with everyone else during the COVID1984 circus side show. Time to Move forward.

National Road Trip Day is on May 24th 2020. The freedom to move. Celebrate it.

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