Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CBS Admits "mistake" about false COVID-19 report

Fox News is reporting that "CBS News admitted to a 'mistake' on Monday after airing footage of an overcrowded hospital room that was allegedly in New York City but was actually from a hospital in Italy. 'It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,' a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News." Wow.

The Winnipeg Free Press is confirming CBS' mistake and apology

The Washington Examiner has also confirmed CBC's offensive mistake.

The Washington Times is also confirming CBS's defiant act of fraud

New York Post: CBS admits to using footage from Italy in NYC coronavirus report

Yesterday TBM sent me a link to a Youtube Video showing the stark contrast between a CBS report about a New York hospital in Queens with that same hospital in real life. They also sent me a photo showing that the fake New York hospital full of COVID-19 patients was really a hospital in Italy. Well now CBS admits they made a mistake. That was no mistake. That was a deliberate act of fraud. Someone needs to go to jail over this. Red sky at morning, Sailor take warning.

Credible COVID-19 Data - Credible explanation of COVID-19 - It's time to Get Back to Business

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